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23:55 18-07-2018
Japanese Hino starts construction of its truck factory in Moscow region
23:14 18-07-2018
US Senator introduced bill sanctioning Nord Stream 2 gas project
22:43 18-07-2018
20 technological clusters to be built in new Moscow
22:01 18-07-2018
Moscow is named world’s best city in terms of infrastructure availability
21:30 18-07-2018
Vladimir Putin offered his views on what modern city should be like
20:52 18-07-2018
Newsweek: Russia intends to connect Japan and Europe with railway bridge
20:17 18-07-2018
Why did Russia shift ground on construction of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline?
23:41 17-07-2018
Head of Russia’s Central Bank warns about “bubbles” in mortgage market
23:15 17-07-2018
Knotel international coworking network enters Russian market
22:42 17-07-2018
Trump comes around on Nord Stream 2 after his meeting with Putin
22:11 17-07-2018
Moscow sets to become leader in development of unmanned transport systems
21:34 17-07-2018
21 transfer hubs will be put up for auction in Moscow
21:08 17-07-2018
Russian company comes up with world's largest construction 3D printer
20:13 17-07-2018
Russia welcomes India’s participation in NPP construction in Bangladesh
23:47 12-07-2018
Barcelona is struggling with illegal leasing
22:16 12-07-2018
Moldova will issue citizenship in exchange for investments
21:35 12-07-2018
Housing cost in Vancouver jumped by 40% over past three years
20:27 12-07-2018
Part of historic building on Maroseyka is put up for auction for $1,4 million
19:41 12-07-2018
Macron hints at sovereignty in issue of Nord Stream 2 construction
18:50 12-07-2018
Financial Times reveals secret of Russian money in Trump skyscraper
17:33 12-07-2018
What hampers construction of new STRATCOM headquarters?
23:28 11-07-2018
What are world’s most innovative countries?
22:49 11-07-2018
Walt Disney to invest $650 million in new headquarters in Manhattan
21:13 11-07-2018
Israel doubles number of foreign builders to solve housing crisis
20:37 11-07-2018
Why do foreign investments in Russia’s real estate grow?
19:26 11-07-2018
Trump is annoyed with “billions of dollars” that Russia will get from Germany
18:45 11-07-2018
Rosatom intends to add Jordan to customer list and cement dominance
17:04 11-07-2018
China to build railway in Serbia for $3.8 billion
23:58 10-07-2018
In first half of 2018, transactions with Dubai housing estimated at $30 billion
22:46 10-07-2018
People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
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Putin signs law establishing fund for shared-equity construction
31-07-2017, 13:02
President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the federal law on the establishment of a compensation fund for shared-equity construction, which will replace the existing system of insurance in this area, according to the Construction Ministry of construction.
Large dog training center to be built in Adygea
31-07-2017, 10:02
The Directorate-General for State Environmental Review of Russia (Glavgosexpertiza) has approved a project for the construction of a new dog training center at Southern customs office in Maykop.
Enel's affiliate won a tender on construction of SPP in Spain
28-07-2017, 17:55
Enel’s affiliate won the governmental competition in Spain on construction of solar power plants, according to the information of the company’s press office. The investment volume for the construction of solar power plants in Mursia and Badajos will total €270m.
Seven land plots to be tendered in Moscow
28-07-2017, 10:23
As Construction.RU has been told by the Moscomstroyinvest's (the Moscow Committee for Construction Investment) press office, seven land plots in different Moscow regions will be tendered.
AEP to invest $4.5 bln in wind farm project
27-07-2017, 17:10
American Electric Power Co. will spend $4.5 bln to develop one of the largest wind farms in the U.S. and a 350-mile transmission line, WSJ reports with the reference to the company’s information.
German manufacturers against politisation of North Stream 2
27-07-2017, 14:24
Michael Harms, Executive Director of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, stressed that the North stream 2 project will provide for the compensation of the decreasing rates of natural gas output in Europe, TASS reports.
Dutch sky-scraper with hundreds of outwindows
27-07-2017, 13:45
The MVRDV architectural bureau in the Netherlands designed a new sky-scraper for the city of Rotterdam. The facades of the unique building are represented with window bays, the RIA Realty reports referring to the Dezeen website.
Warning on bad weather conditions
27-07-2017, 11:08
The Russian Emergencies Ministry released an urgent warning about a rain, hail, thunderstorm and a strong wind soon in Moscow.
Technopark to be created in four buildings of ZIL
26-07-2017, 17:46
The reconstruction of the ZIL industrial zone includes the creation of a technopark on the basis of four premises belonging to ZIL and its affiliates, RIA Novosti reports referring to Director General of ZIL. Igor Zakharov.