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Qatari company intends to compete with Nord Stream 2
11-09-2018, 19:39
Qatar Petroleum, the world's largest exporter of LNG, intends to invest in a German terminal for liquefied gas, something that should reduce Berlin's dependence on Russian gas, according to Handelsblatt Global.
Russia completes electrification of railway line bypassing Ukraine
7-09-2018, 22:27
Russia’s Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (FGC UES) has completed a project for the electrification of a new railway line Zhuravka-Millerovo, which passes through the regions of Voronezh and Rostov, bypassing Ukraine, the energy company said.
Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can no longer be stopped
6-09-2018, 20:37
Yesterday, a Solitaire vessel began to lay the first deep-water pipes in the Gulf of Finland within the framework of the Nord Stream 2 project, which means that the new gas pipeline from Russia to Germany can no longer be stopped, Forbes said.
Reconstruction architect Alexey Krotov: It is time to leave humans' nests
6-09-2018, 04:33
A project for Moscow housing stock renovation envisages the demolition of obsolete five-story buildings and construction of new high-rises in their place. However, there is another solution — to reconstruct Khrushchev's five-story housing stock. This is what a Moscow architect Alexey Krotov is engaged in now. To find out details about his method, we have met in a reconstructed five-story building on Khimkinskiy Boulevard, where Alexey Vladimirovich lives.