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13:07 30-05-2017
Two killed in explosion at steel reinforcing mill in Kurgan
12:51 30-05-2017
Chinese investors intend to build light railway in Russia
12:26 30-05-2017
Son of Russian oligarch and Lukoil CEO buys railway company
11:51 30-05-2017
Russian Foreign Trade Bank sells its mansion in Vienna
10:44 30-05-2017
OMV CEO gives forecast for closure of transaction with Gazprom
09:58 30-05-2017
$27-million Selgros Mall to open in Tula region
17:58 29-05-2017
Another polymer processing plant to be built in Nizhny Novgorod region
17:42 29-05-2017
Perm region searches for contractor to erect 8 high-rise buildings
17:26 29-05-2017
Germans and Swedes to invest in Yamal LNG project in Russia
16:57 29-05-2017
Russian operator opens 1,500-sqm Spa facility in Crimea
16:41 29-05-2017
IKEA sets to open its first store in Ukraine
16:23 29-05-2017
$320-million railroad to be built around Tashkent
16:11 29-05-2017
Supply problems force BMW into stopping production in Leipzig
15:50 29-05-2017
Construction of new Ice Arena starts in Tula region
15:16 29-05-2017
Iran invites Russians to take part in Azadegan oil field development
14:56 29-05-2017
Chile launches construction of world's largest optical telescope
14:30 29-05-2017
Spain sees potential in cooperation with Russia in renewables
13:09 29-05-2017
Gazprom may take part in hydrocarbon production in Bolivia
12:49 29-05-2017
Trump administration allocates $350 million to Ukraine
12:30 29-05-2017
Uzbeks invest in greenhouse construction in Kazakhstan
12:11 29-05-2017
Russia’s major dog training center to be built in North Caucasus
11:50 29-05-2017
Saudi Defense Minister meets with President Putin in Moscow - media
11:33 29-05-2017
India to test its first heavy launch vehicle
10:53 29-05-2017
Abramovich’s company sells its asset in Ukraine for $110m
10:28 29-05-2017
South Koreans to spend $195m on hospital construction in Russia
09:58 29-05-2017
Chinese investors intend to build tunnel to Crimea
17:31 26-05-2017
Extra $177m to be allocated to Vostochny Cosmodrome construction
17:16 26-05-2017
Hilton plans to double its hotel network in Russia
16:52 26-05-2017
Russia likely to extend support measures for renewable energy after 2024
16:39 26-05-2017
Investment in construction of Xekong 5 HPP in Laos estimated at $700m
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Frame-houses: not very popular, but cheap and quick

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Frame-houses: not very popular, but cheap and quick

What are the advantages of frame-house construction?

We continue the publication of materials about the construction of different kinds of houses. We have already spoken about the construction of wooden houses and the concomitant problems in Russia. This article is dedicated to frame-house construction.

The history of frame-house construction dates several centuries back. The first such houses were timber framing ones and they appeared in Western Europe in the XIV century. Their special feature is a rigid framework consisting of vertical and horizontal bars and diagonal ties.

The external outline of a framing house cantilevered out over the edge of a wall and was decorative. The houses were one- or two-storeyed, sometimes with an additional attic floor. The empty space inside the rigid framing was filled with a mixture of fibrous raw materials and soil.  The filling’s vesicular structure helped keep a house warm in cold weather, and also cool when the weather was hot.

Such structures may still be seen in Western Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. Houses with a frame structure are actually built in all countries.

Most often low rise construction uses precast frame technology with perpendicular bars and porous filling (mineral and other types of heat insulation materials). Modern industrial standards have made it possible to erect frame-modular, frame-precast and frame-panel houses. For industrial premises, both framing with a metal structure and light steel thin-walled structures with thermo panels have begun to be used.


Housing distribution as to the wall materials (annual), thous. sq. m

Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service


The choice of materials in housing construction which do not refer to traditional ones — namely wood, different blocks, stone, brick and panels — depends mainly on climatic factors. The minimal value of square metres is in the North-Western and Far-Eastern federal districts, and the maximal is in the Southern and the Volga federal districts.


Housing construction from other materials (including frame-houses construction) which do not refer to any basic construction material in FD, thous. sq. m 


Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service


Despite the fact that between 2010—2015 the share of the use of mixed and other materials in frame-house construction did not exceed 8% throughout the RF, this kind of construction has a number of advantages: high speed erection, the structure’s lightness, low cost, and unlimited opportunities for exterior finish.


Housing construction from mixed materials (including frame-house construction) which do not refer to any basic construction material, in FD, thous. sq. m

Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service


Cumulative percentage of the use of construction materials used for walls building in 2010—2015, over the RF

Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service



The use of mixed and other materials in wall structures, in FD 

 Source: Russian Federal State Statistics Service


All frame-houses have common performances. A rigid structure (frame) provides for the all-year-round construction on compound relief forms and unsteady grounds on the majority of the RF territories. Vapour permeability and a house’s microclimate depend on the filling material, which mainly breathes poorly.

A wooden frame must be processed with wood preservatives, fire-retardant agents and other protective materials, whilst a metallic frame must have anticorrosion agents.  It is necessary to provide for special elements in the walls for further assembling of furniture and decorations, in case the walls are filled with porous materials.

The table below shows all the performances of the houses constructed according to frame technology.


Frame-houses: not very popular, but cheap and quick



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