Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

At the end of his speech the Governor announced that money will be allotted for libraries, culture objects, ecology programs by the Universiade, and a park will appear in the centre of the city in which the winners of the Universiade will receive their awards.  It should be noted that Krasnoyarsk citizens have never heard of a park in the densely built-up centre of the city. 

Putin asked the Minister of Transport of the RF, Maxim Sokolov, why the issue concerning the high-speed railway construction from the airport to the city had not been studied. The minister complained of the insufficient financing of the Universiade. The President frowned and gave Sochi and Vladivostok as examples, and then reminded everybody that Krasnoyarsk is a a city with a population of a million in the centre of the country.

“If there is infrastructure there are people”, Putin concluded and charged the authorities with developing a project.

However, it can be said that its implementation is unrealistic by 2019 and that surveys and designing will take 1.5 – 2 years alone. Besides, it will demand as much financing as the Universiade itself.

Well, we shall see if the officials have heard the President’s words.



Main objects of the Universiade-2019


“Bobrovy log” year-round sports and entertainment fan-park

Reconstruction. Mountain skiing competitions will be held there.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

“Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk” sports complex

Construction started. Figure skating competitions, opening and closing ceremonies are to take place there. 7,000 spectators, putting in operation — 2018.


“Winter Sports Academy” sports and training complex

Reconstruction. Free style competitions, snowboarding, ski racing and sports orienteering are planned there, putting in operation — 2018.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

Ice rink

Construction has just started. 3,500 spectators. Hockey matches to be held. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Biathlon Academy” multifunctional complex

Reconstruction. Biathlon competitions to be held. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Arena Sever” multifunctional complex  

Major structural repairs are planned. 3,000 spectators. Short-track competitions will be held.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

Leninsky Komsomol stadium

Reconstruction. The largest sports complex of Siberia and the Far East. Capacity — 15,000 spectators. Putting in operation — 2018.


Palace of Sports named after Ivan Yarygin

Reconstruction. Curling competitions are planned. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Rassvet” ice rink

Major structural repairs Putting in operation — 2018.


“Pervomaisky” skating rink

Repair. Hockey competitions are planned.


“Yenisey” stadium

Reconstruction. The stadium will be roofed. Russian hockey matches will take place there. Putting in operation — 2018.


In addition, a number of social and infrastructural objects will be constructed, and two hospitals will be reconstructed, by 2018. 


Prepared by Andrei GRIGORIEV

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