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Surveyor’s Day: profession of the brave

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Surveyor’s Day: profession of the brave

An architect designs buildings, a constructor builds them. The work of a surveyor is not so obvious. But not a single construction project can do without a surveyor. It is him who must study in details the construction site long before the construction itself starts: carry out geodetic, geological, hydrometeorological, environmental and geotechnical studies. More than that, he must investigate underground waters, the ground under the foundation of the future building, fulfil the analysis of soil contamination.

 All these activities provide for careful location of construction objects and prevent from the hazardous processes’ development.

The peculiarities of the profession of a surveyor and the problems existing in the field of survey conducting were discussed at the recent event of Surveyor’s Day sponsored by NOPRIZ – National Association of Designers and Surveyors.

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