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Die Welt found out how Nord Stream 2 would benefit from sanctions
2-07-2018, 21:30
While the United States has been trying for a long time to obstruct the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, even such “weapon” as sanctions against the European partners of the project will not allow Washington to achieve its goal, writes Die Welt.
7,000-meter gas pipeline to be constructed in Crimea
29-06-2018, 19:34
The Directorate-General for State Environmental Review of Russia has issued a positive conclusion to a project for the second phase of the construction of a gas pipeline from Vladimirovka gas distribution station to Sakskiy TS heating electrical station in the Crimea.
Real estate market of Brussels is growing
28-06-2018, 22:36
Housing prices in the Belgian capital city have been growing steadily since 2015 as a result of higher demand and lower interest rates, according to KBC bank.
Another section of Tavrida highway opens in Crimea
27-06-2018, 21:15
Near the city of Belogorsk, the traffic movement was launched from the section of the old Kerch-Feodosiya-Simferopol highway to the new section of Tavrida highway, the length of which amounts to 6 kilometers.