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20:55 23-03-2017
Finnish company to build 28,000 sqm of housing in Moscow region
20:43 23-03-2017
Cheapest apartment in historical center of Moscow put for sale for $86,5m
20:23 23-03-2017
Architect offers to use experience of ancient Russian towns to develop territory
19:54 23-03-2017
Russian Railways to allocate extra funds for construction of Krasnodar bypass
19:38 23-03-2017
German scientists put in operation artificial sun
19:16 23-03-2017
Moscow to host international experiment simulating interplanetary flights
18:44 23-03-2017
Chinese Bank ICBC starts to carry out operations in yuan in Russia
18:01 23-03-2017
Russia establishes Council for Antiseismic Construction
17:37 23-03-2017
Duterte welcomes Russian warships in ports of Philippines
16:22 23-03-2017
Construction of major facility for SCO and BRICS summits launched in Russia
15:50 23-03-2017
Construction of powerful thermal power plant starts in Bryansk region
15:12 23-03-2017
Tula region launches project for improvement of urban environment
14:47 23-03-2017
Russian-German company suspected of cartel secret deal at building roads
13:18 23-03-2017
$135m to be allocated for ongoing reconstruction of main Moscow airport
12:35 23-03-2017
Georgian authorities intend to build government town on outskirts of Tbilisi
11:59 23-03-2017
Russian oil companies attain elimination of their British “clones”
11:25 23-03-2017
Russia offers to draft international convention on combating cybercrime
10:44 23-03-2017
Russian Sberbank allocates $52m to support small businesses in Far East
09:57 23-03-2017
240,000 hectares of industrial zones in Russia to be built up with housing
23:42 22-03-2017
Norway permits one of Russia’s richest man to develop Dvalin gas field
22:49 22-03-2017
Stroytransneftegaz built 50% of its Power of Siberia’s section ahead of schedule
22:08 22-03-2017
Ukrainian companies to be supplied with coal from South Africa
21:30 22-03-2017
British millionaires predict positive effect of Brexit on their capital
20:07 22-03-2017
Xiaomi opens second plant for smartphone production in India
19:14 22-03-2017
Russia's first cinema with a cylindrical screen to appear in Zaryadye Park
17:46 22-03-2017
Russia ready to cooperate with all partners over Nord Stream — Putin
17:21 22-03-2017
Russia and Egypt plan to prepare contracts for El-Dabaa NPP within two months
17:03 22-03-2017
UPS builds new terminal in Salt Lake City
16:48 22-03-2017
Businessmen strive to invest in Golf Resort in Gelendzhik
16:13 22-03-2017
BASF CEO to discuss with Putin company’s operation in Russia
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The Central Bank and the losses on a currency mortgage
13-04-2015, 11:30
The distribution of accounting losses from the restructuring of a currency mortgage for the entire period of action of the credit agreement has been permitted by the Bank of Russia for organizations. As reported today on the site of the Central Bank, "The expenses incurred as a result of converting from currencies in mortgage housing loans to Russian rubles can be reflected in the balance account "expenses" or in "expenses for future periods". The permission is effective from the date of the publication in "the Bulletin of the Bank of Russia".
Mikhail Menn has given data on the resettlement of hazardous dwellings for the first time this year
13-04-2015, 08:25
Moscow, the Government of the Russian Federation. Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. Here on April 9th at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, a discussion was held on a package of measures on the resettlement of citizens from hazardous housing. The main report on this question was given by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Menn. In this report he discussed for the first time the data on the resettlement of citizens from hazardous dwellings for the first three months of this year. Since January 1st, 7,430 people have been moved already and 148,000 sq.m. of emergency houses has been liquidated. The minister highlighted construction quality control. For this purpose, 122 outside inspections in 35 regions were made. In total, about 3 million sq.m. of hazardous dwellings were settled and 191,860 people resettled in 2014. As a solution to the question of the quality of new-built housing, it is planned to make it obligatory to obtain admission to the Self-Regulating Organization for design and construction of low-rise housing. As additional resources, after a decrease in the average level of joint financing in the regions to 41.5% for housing and communal services, the Fund will direct 6.6 billion rubles to citizens of the Federation. Also this year, changes are planned to Federal Law regarding the Housing and Communal Services Fund, having provided that the regions will be able to submit applications for all limits of financing. At the end of the meeting of the government briefing, the head of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation answered a question from our correspondent: how will funding depend on the ruble rate? Mikhail Menn told us that the program of financing from the emergency fund is barely affected by fluctuations of currency rates because construction materials used in houses under construction are 90% made in Russia. In conclusion, the head of Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation specified that responsibility for the failure of the program will become more targeted. If before this, the regional governments were responsible for everything and faced a possible penalty of 500,000 rubles, now it will be the responsibility of the municipal authorities, who will accrue a penalty for each day of delay or possible failure.
In Russia, a mortgage of 5% per annum requires only one decision
13-04-2015, 08:11
Moscow. The public chamber of the Russian Federation. Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. Here on April 8th, at the 6th Forum of the Regions of Russia, the discussion, "Construction policy of Russia - 2015 - increasing the volume of built housing and new schemes of interaction with investors" took place. Interest in the subject was such is that in the performance hall there were no spare places for interested parties to listen in. The tone of the discussion was set by the most recognizable builder in Russia - Efim Basin.
What will be inside the “Big Ball”
13-04-2015, 07:22
In the middle of April near Luzhniki Arena, an info centre in the form of a big football, inside of which people can observe how the construction is being run, will be launched. Construction.ru was told about this today by the press service of the Department of Construction of Moscow. It will also be possible in the center to see images and a model of the updated stadium and to learn about the history of the "Luzhniki" sport center in more detail. We remind you that reconstruction of the arena is being carried out in preparation for the 2018 World Cup, which will take place in 11 cities in Russia.
In the Samara region, a Luxembourg plant for auto components has been greenlit
13-04-2015, 06:14
Samara. Our special correspondent in the Volga federal district, Nikolay Astrakhantsev. In Tolyatti on April 9th, a plan for the production of accessories for automobile accumulators of the Luxembourg Accumalux Group was launched. As was told to Construction.ru by the regional press service, the enterprise will make a wide range of plastic accessories for automobile accumulators. Demand for this product already exists, as Accumalux Group has for more than 10 years been the supplier of the AKOM accumulator plant. Moreover, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Bosch will soon construct plants in the region.
Which metro stations will open in Moscow this year
10-04-2015, 13:15
This year in Moscow, seven metro stations are to open, the head of the Department of Construction, Andrey Bochkaryov, told journalists today. According to him, they are "Kotelniki" on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnensky line, "Rumyantsevo" and "Salaryevo" on the Sokolnichesky line, "Butyrskaya", "Fonvizinskaya" and "Petrovsky and Razumovskaya" on the Lublin and Dmitrovsky line and "Science and Technology Park" on the Zamoskvoretsky line. However, for various reasons, the details of the opening of the new stations are subject to correction, just in case, he warned.
In the Perm region of Russia, 50% more housing than last year was put into operation
10-04-2015, 10:08
Perm. Our special correspondent in the Volga federal district, Nikolay Astrakhantsev. In January-March of this year in Perm Krai, 290,000 sq.m. were put into operation, 51.8% more, than for the same period in 2014. Perm statisticians reported today that in January-March, 4,152 apartments were leased in multi-storey buildings in the region. The total area of constructed individual housing – 155.3 thousand sq.m. – is 34.1% more than in January-March 2014. In three months, volumes of housing construction rose in 24 city districts and municipal areas. The growth is more than twice that of the Kungur and Solikamsk, Aleksandrovsk, Vereshchaginsk, Tchaikovsky, Perm City, Chernushinsky, Ordinsky, Uinsky and Nytvensky areas. Thus, the average cost of construction of a square meter in apartment houses in the region was 36,000 rubles in January-March, 2015.
How many people wish to participate in the construction of the "Turkish stream"
10-04-2015, 09:01
Their willingness to participate in the Gazprom "Turkish Stream" project has been confirmed by Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey. Reporting on this, “Commersant” reminds us that participation by these countries in the project was discussed recently at a meeting with the heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey in Budapest. At this meeting, representatives of the five countries agreed to regular meetings and the creation of an expert group on the development of gas transmission infrastructure. The next meeting is planned for July, but the individual negotiations between the heads of state will begin earlier. On April 8th in Moscow, Vladimir Putin's meeting took place with the prime minister of Greece, Alex Tsipras, at which the gas question was discussed. And in February, during negotiations with the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, the Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about the route of the future project. The powerful gas stream from Russia will pass along the bed of the Black Sea to Turkey, and thence will be directed through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary to a gas hub in the Austrian Baumgarten. Completion of construction and putting the pipeline into operation are planned for December, 2016. This is the alternative to the South Stream project, which was stymied by the European Commission.
Who was appointed as the new head of Ministry of Construction of Sakhalin
10-04-2015, 08:46
The acting governor of the Sakhalin region, Oleg Kozhemyako, has appointed the former deputy chairman of the government of the Amur region, Alexander Zhitkov, as the new head of the Ministry of Construction of Sakhalin. As Construction.ru was told by the regional press service, at the same time as this appointment, the employment contract was terminated with Ivan Blagodyr, who was the minister of investments and external relations of the Sakhalin region. Its ministry is associated with local microeconomic development. We will remind you that the Russian President Vladimir Putin discharged Alexandr Khoroshavin from his position as head of Sakhalin, with loss of trust as the reason. The acting head of Sakhalin, Oleg Kozhemyako (the former governor of Priamurye), arrived in the region on March 26th and immediately started carrying out serious personnel changes.
Mikhail Menn has announced the total amount of requirements for Housing and Utilities in the country
10-04-2015, 07:01
To subsidize the credit rate for investment in housing and communal services, the Government of the Russian Federation plans to give 4 billion rubles to the Ministry of Construction and Housing Utilities, announced Mikhail Menn at the forum ‘Housing 2015’.He also reported that within the anti-crisis plan framework, the Government has developed the relevant document. This is very important, as with today's level of bank credit interest rates, it is almost impossible to invest in housing and communal services. However, the volume of realized investment programs in housing and communal services now exceeds 300 billion rubles; the total requirements of the sector are 500 billion rubles a year. Therefore, all necessary standard and legal bases for the creation of a favorable and attractive investment climate for investments in housing and communal services in the country have already been prepared. And if in 2014 112 concessions were concluded, there are currently more than 400 investment competitions.
Which metro stations will open in Moscow this year?
10-04-2015, 06:32
This year in Moscow, seven metro stations are to open, the head of the Department of Construction, Andrey Bochkaryov, told journalists today. According to him, they are "Kotelniki" on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnensky line, "Rumyantsevo" and "Salaryevo" on the Sokolnichesky line, "Butyrskaya", "Fonvizinskaya" and "Petrovsky and Razumovskaya" on the Lublin and Dmitrovsky line and "Science and Technology Park" on the Zamoskvoretsky line. However, for various reasons, the details of the opening of the new stations are subject to correction, just in case, he warned.
What Mikhail Menn said about the future of mortgage lending rates
9-04-2015, 12:33
In the state subsidy program, the rate for a preferential mortgage of 12% won't change, it was claimed in an interview with RIA Novosti by the head of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Menn. He pointed out that the agreement was reached at a meeting with the First Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Shuvalov. The conditions of the subsidy program won't change, irrespective of whatever happens to the key rate established by the Central Bank. And in the case of positive economic dynamics, banks will start reducing the rate and some healthy competition for clients will begin. We will remind you that the introduction, in the Russian Federation, of preferential mortgage lending at a rate no higher than 12%, as approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, took place on March 13th. Subsidies will be offered by credit organizations with a volume of delivery of mortgage loans to be no less than 300 million rubles monthly.
What did Chibis say about public-private partnership in housing and communal services?
9-04-2015, 09:32
In Russian housing and communal services, a public-private partnership is working successfully and promoting an improvement in the quality of services, it was claimed today at the Forum taking place in Kazan on housing and communal services by the deputy minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, Andrey Chibis. According to him, public-private partnerships in housing and communal services are one of the most effective instruments in the modernization of this sphere. There are now in Russia already more than 400 concessions in this area, 112 of them concluded in 2014 under the new rules. The volume of investment programs which are being realized in housing and communal services exceeds 300 billion rubles. In total, more than 100 large investment projects are being realized. These are only the first steps of structural reform being carried out in order to attract private business to the management of infrastructure. As examples, Chibis pointed out Tambov and Petrozavodsk, where, with the participation of private operators, water supplies have been seriously improved. Today in Russian housing and communal services, conditions have been created that are necessary to attract private capital. It is one of the most attractive areas for investment because it is an absolutely reliable segment of the Russian economy with guaranteed domestic demand. The task now is not to change the law but to constantly launch new projects and construction to modernize municipal infrastructure, specified the deputy minister.
How contractors are chosen in Moscow
9-04-2015, 08:31
The government of Moscow has adopted the resolution on the statement of an order of the overhaul of apartment houses of Moscow by a fund of contractors, it was reported today by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. According to the head of the department of the overhaul of Moscow, Arthur Keskinova, the main principles of the new order are the maximum use of norms as provided by federal law, including strict regulation of anti-corruption mechanisms and mechanisms for the protection of fair competition, and anti-dumping measures. So, if the contractor reduces the cost of work by more than 25%, it will require substantial price reduction.
The exact length and design of the Kerch Bridge has been determined
9-04-2015, 06:33
The total length of the bridge across the Strait of Kerch will reach 19 km. This was confirmed on April 4th at a meeting in Simferopol, with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, the first deputy director of Federal Public Institutions, "Taman", and the construction customer, Roman Novikov reported. According to him, the bridge will combine earth constructions using the existing natural dams of the spit of Tuzla adjoining the Taman Peninsula as well as two constructions located on parallel axes, for railway and automobile transport, with a general extent of 15 km from the spit of Tuzla to the Kerch Peninsula. This bridge will need 250 tons of steel construction. Mr. Rogozin noted that during this construction, the largest shipyard in Crimea, the Kerch Shipyard “Zaliv (the Bay)” could come into play. The CEO of the Zherdev plant immediately expressed his willingness to engineer the structure for the Kerch Bridge because the distance from the factory to the bridge is only 5 to 10 km by sea and enlarged bridge sections could be easily delivered by barge.
What will be shown at the "Construction Equipment and Technologies - 2015" exhibition
6-04-2015, 14:02
From 2nd to 6th June 2015 at Crocus Expo, the 16th International specialized exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies / CTT-2015" will be held, Construction.ru was told today by the organizers, CTT, supported by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on Land Relations and Construction, and the Moscow government, as well as international associations and agencies: CECE (Association of European Equipment Manufacturers), IMAG (international division MESSE MUNCHEN INTERNATIONAL), AEM (American Association of Equipment Manufacturers), CMEC (China National Corporation for Export and Import of Machinery and Equipment) and KOCEMA (South Korean Trade Representation of Construction Equipment). Over the years, the exhibition has become a key industry event in Russia and the CIS countries. Also present will be companies from Germany, Italy, Finland, China and South Korea.