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23:55 18-07-2018
Japanese Hino starts construction of its truck factory in Moscow region
23:14 18-07-2018
US Senator introduced bill sanctioning Nord Stream 2 gas project
22:43 18-07-2018
20 technological clusters to be built in new Moscow
22:01 18-07-2018
Moscow is named world’s best city in terms of infrastructure availability
21:30 18-07-2018
Vladimir Putin offered his views on what modern city should be like
20:52 18-07-2018
Newsweek: Russia intends to connect Japan and Europe with railway bridge
20:17 18-07-2018
Why did Russia shift ground on construction of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline?
23:41 17-07-2018
Head of Russia’s Central Bank warns about “bubbles” in mortgage market
23:15 17-07-2018
Knotel international coworking network enters Russian market
22:42 17-07-2018
Trump comes around on Nord Stream 2 after his meeting with Putin
22:11 17-07-2018
Moscow sets to become leader in development of unmanned transport systems
21:34 17-07-2018
21 transfer hubs will be put up for auction in Moscow
21:08 17-07-2018
Russian company comes up with world's largest construction 3D printer
20:13 17-07-2018
Russia welcomes India’s participation in NPP construction in Bangladesh
23:47 12-07-2018
Barcelona is struggling with illegal leasing
22:16 12-07-2018
Moldova will issue citizenship in exchange for investments
21:35 12-07-2018
Housing cost in Vancouver jumped by 40% over past three years
20:27 12-07-2018
Part of historic building on Maroseyka is put up for auction for $1,4 million
19:41 12-07-2018
Macron hints at sovereignty in issue of Nord Stream 2 construction
18:50 12-07-2018
Financial Times reveals secret of Russian money in Trump skyscraper
17:33 12-07-2018
What hampers construction of new STRATCOM headquarters?
23:28 11-07-2018
What are world’s most innovative countries?
22:49 11-07-2018
Walt Disney to invest $650 million in new headquarters in Manhattan
21:13 11-07-2018
Israel doubles number of foreign builders to solve housing crisis
20:37 11-07-2018
Why do foreign investments in Russia’s real estate grow?
19:26 11-07-2018
Trump is annoyed with “billions of dollars” that Russia will get from Germany
18:45 11-07-2018
Rosatom intends to add Jordan to customer list and cement dominance
17:04 11-07-2018
China to build railway in Serbia for $3.8 billion
23:58 10-07-2018
In first half of 2018, transactions with Dubai housing estimated at $30 billion
22:46 10-07-2018
People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
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“Rosatom” will build a powerful NPS “Nintjuan-1” in Vietnam
4-08-2015, 12:25
Representatives of “Atomstroyexport” (Nizniy Novgorod engineering company “Atom energoproject”, an affiliate of GC “Rosatom”) and the electric energy corporation of Vietnam signed a master framework agreement on the implementation of the first stage of nuclear power station “Nintjuan-1” construction in Hanoi.
Anniversary of an outstanding architect
4-08-2015, 10:24
It is the 125-th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Melnikov, a great Russian architect of the 20th century, and a Russian avant-gardist and a constructivism classicist.
Oceanarium at VDNKh in Moscow
4-08-2015, 09:29
The price for an entrance ticket to the Oceanarium, which opens on August 5 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, will be from 600 to 800 rubles.
The Panama Canal alternative
4-08-2015, 03:30
Hong Kong company HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co Ltd (HKND) announced the full readiness of the report on ecological and social impact assessment of the construction of an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua.
14,000 new schools in Russia
31-07-2015, 14:53
Ministry of Education and Science suggests building more than 14,000 new schools so that all schoolchildren can study in one shift. 
Awful death of a worker
31-07-2015, 13:42
On July 28 a falling joist killed a worker of a wood construction materials plant in Kansk (Krasnoyarsk region).
Who are the top 10 developers in Russia
31-07-2015, 12:50
The top 10 group of the largest developers in Russia includes LSR Group, GC “SU-155,” Setl Group from St. Petersburg, GC “Morton,” “Leader Group,” GC “Absolut,” “Dalpiterstroy,” “Polis Group,” GC “Glavstroy Development,” GC “PIK.”
A powerful plant will be built in the Moscow region by Germans
30-07-2015, 14:40
The prospects of the construction of a powerful plant for wall-paper production for 25 m euro in the Moscow region were discussed at the meeting of the regional government with the top executives of the German company Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch GmbH & Co. KG.
A young woman-burglar in Yalta
29-07-2015, 09:19
In Yalta a 37-year-old woman confessed in the stealth of construction materials from a construction site of the city.