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22:20 19-09-2018
Priciest apartment in Moscow is put up for sale for $102 million
21:39 19-09-2018
Chinese CRCC starts building next metro tunnel in southwestern Moscow
20:54 19-09-2018
Japanese hotel with split system will be built in center of Moscow
20:17 19-09-2018
170 non-residential properties are put up for auction in Moscow
19:41 19-09-2018
Finland to build fence on border with Russia as protection against wild boars
23:01 18-09-2018
New stadium to be constructed on 20-hectare land plot in Russian Caucasus
22:09 18-09-2018
Leroy Merlin to build $25-million store in Rostov-on-Don
21:14 18-09-2018
Putin does not rule out extension of Turkish Stream pipeline to Hungary
20:25 18-09-2018
5,000 sqm of non-residential space is put up for auction in Moscow
19:33 18-09-2018
Putin kicks off construction of two new power units at Paks NPP in Hungary
18:48 18-09-2018
Gazprom to hold 5 tenders for purchase of pipes for Power of Siberia trunkline
18:21 18-09-2018
Russian company will help Bosnian Serbs to build four hydroelectric power stations
22:11 17-09-2018
Step-by-step transition to BIM-technologies in Russian construction industry is needed — Expert
21:33 17-09-2018
Russian investors embark on building hotels and tourist complex in Syria
20:47 17-09-2018
$220-million greenhouse complex to be built near Voronezh
20:25 17-09-2018
Russia to allocate $36,6 bln to its national housing project
19:54 17-09-2018
Rick Perry unveils why USA opposes Nord Stream 2
19:12 17-09-2018
Urgent U.N. Security Council meeting held on North Korea sanctions violations
23:41 14-09-2018
$137 million to be invested in new industrial park in Moscow region
22:31 14-09-2018
Construction of plant for paint-and-lacquer materials launched in Podolsk
21:48 14-09-2018
Tigre de Cristal to build beach club and mall in Primorye for $248 million
21:03 14-09-2018
Mortgage rates in Russia are expected to fall down to 7-8%
20:25 14-09-2018
Angela Merkel highlights importance of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
19:53 14-09-2018
About 6 hectares of land are put up for auction in New Moscow
19:02 14-09-2018
Russian Gazprom goes back to idea of gas pipeline to South Korea
23:46 13-09-2018
RDIF supports proposal to set up joint US-Russia investment fund
23:01 13-09-2018
Large woodworking plant to be built on Sakhalin
22:32 13-09-2018
Number of mortgage transactions in Moscow jumped by 73%
21:59 13-09-2018
Russian Energy Ministry is concerned about possible US sanctions on Nord Stream 2
21:13 13-09-2018
Kusturica, who set up ethno-village in Serbia, is willing to build house in Russia
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The construction of the largest advanced technology reactor begins in Russia
18-05-2015, 06:30
The JSC Nuclear Reactor Research Institute (NIIAR, Dimitrovgrad, Ulianovsk region), who are under Rosatom, have received a license from Rostekhnadzor for the construction of the world’s largest multipurpose fast research neutron nuclear reactor (MFRR) As Construction.ru was told by the institute press service, the license term is 10 years. NIIAR now has the right to start capital works on the construction site of the reactor and preparation for the main construction and installation activities has commenced. Concrete pouring of the MFRR ground slab is to start in the summer. An International Research Centre is to be created alongside this reactor. New types of nuclear materials, construction materials and reactor heat carriers will be studied there. Also, the reactor will produce radioactive nuclides for medical use. Theoretically, fast neutron nuclear reactors render it possible to produce more nuclear fuel than they consume. They are practically safe and friendly for the environment. To remind you, in the summer of 2014 NIIAR got a license for the location of MFRR. As a result of the open tender last November the managing company JSC “Uralenergostroy” became the prime contractor of the construction and started the preliminary period work.  
What is the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense going to build in the Arctic
15-05-2015, 11:28
The second stage of special construction has started in the military towns of the Eastern Command, located in the Arctic zone, the Head of the Eastern Command press-service, Colonel Alexander Gordeev, told journalists in Moscow. According to him, construction materials and the unloading of equipment has been completed in the area of Rodgers and Eastern Harbors, Wrangler Island and Schmidt Cape. The second stage includes the development of military town infrastructure.  Locations for combat duty, operational readiness and supply systems will be equipped. An air field on Schmidt Cape is also to be reconstructed. The materials and equipment were delivered by the diesel-powered ships “Abakan” and “Igor Ilyinsky”, led by the ice-breaker “Admiral Makarov”.       
Three Hundred
15-05-2015, 07:46
In Crimea, following the reunification with Russia, property from about 300 Ukrainian banks has been seized, which has stopped work on the peninsula, the head of the Fund for Protection of Investors, Andrey Melnikov, told journalists in Simferopol. According to him, the property includes ATMs, vehicles and other valuables. Following legal judgments, this property will be sold to compensate 18 billion rubles of deposits in the Ukrainian banks. We remind you that the total number of victims of the Ukrainian banks is estimated at 200 thousand people.  
New iron foundry
15-05-2015, 07:37
Ulyanovsk. Our special correspondent in the Volga federal district, Nikolay Astrakhantsev. The construction of a powerful new iron foundry is almost complete.As told to Construction.ru by the regional press service, the building site is located in the Zavolzhye district of the city. The total amount of investment in its construction and the high-durability cast iron equipment necessary for the construction is estimated at 300 million rubles.  
The Governor of the Moscow region has been given the right
15-05-2015, 06:32
Today the Moscow Regional Duma, in a final reading, passed a law giving the government the authority to the region to lease land to legal entities from regional funds without tender. The transfer of the land to rent will now require only an order from the governor of the region. During a meeting of the regional parliament, the chairman of the committee on questions of property relations, land use, natural resources and ecology, Vladimir Shapkin, pointed out to deputies that the draft law had been agreed without any comments or suggestions. In addition, it received a positive vote from the State Legal Department of the Moscow Regional Duma. The draft law was passed by a majority vote from the deputies.
Far East Chinese Investment
15-05-2015, 06:13
Companies from China are planning to invest in the development of production in the territories of the Far East.As was reported to Construction.ru via the press service of the Ministry of Eastern Development of the Russian Federation, the first foreign investor in the territories of Khabarovsk is the Chinese company Baoli Bitumina, which intends to construct a hi-tech plant for the production of modern bituminous materials. The Chinese investors are also ready to be involved in the construction of two innovative enterprises for the production of building materials using local raw materials in territories of Kangalassa in Yakutia.We remind you that in the Amur region, due to investment from China, the construction of a brick production plant is already complete and the creation of an oil refinery has begun. They are to receive resident status in the territories of Predmostovaya.  
Mikhail Menn on serious imminent changes in Russian construction
14-05-2015, 14:47
Moscow, the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Our corr. Alexei Nevsky.   On the 13th of May, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, reported to the deputies on the work of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. It was the second report in a year and a half.   Mikhail Menn’s report contained seventeen main chapters, in which he briefly described the situation in the industry in 2014. According to him, one unexpected achievement was a new record in putting constructed housing into operation which, according to Rosstat (the Russian Statistics Committee) information, reached 83.6 mln m2, 13 mln m2 more than planned.  “Such results happened due to the effective system of mortgage loans. In 2014, citizens borrowed 1.75 trn rubles – a record for the past 10 years. More than a million families moved into new flats. This year, taking into account the economic situation, we have decided to support mortgage loan borrowers in two ways: subsidizing the interest rate to 12% a year and helping mortgage loan borrowers who ended up in difficult situations”, said Mikhail Menn.   Acounting Chamber auditor Yury Roslyak took the floor to report on the work of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities.  Then the Head of the Ministry answered twelve questions from RF State Duma deputies (Vasiliy Ikonnikov, Anton Ishchenko, Elena Vtorygina, Fedot Tumusov, Alexei Russkikh, Maxim Shchepinov, Valery Galchenko, Evdokiya Bychkova, Sergei Gavrilov, Mikhail Degtyarev, Alexander Khinshtein, and Oleg Nilov).  In particular, they were interested in the problem of safeguarding major repair foundations for communal facilities in multi-storey blocks of flats. The Minister said that currently only 10% of flat owners make their payments for major repairs to special individual accounts. However, this number should grow. A proposal on special individual accounts insurance is now being discussed in the Government, and a corresponding draft bill may be introduced in the State Duma for discussion during the spring session. Deputies also raised the issue of the creation of the post of national technical coordinator.  “At the moment there are more than 200 building owners. The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Health – they all deal with construction. The creation of a national technical coordinator – a structure with branches in federal regions – is a serious and complex task. It is a complicated reorganization of the algorithm for the budget for object construction. Currently the discussion of legislative initiative on a national technical coordinator creation is being discussed in the Government.  We hope that a corresponding document will reach the stage of finalization and approval before the end of the spring session”, said the Minister, and added that the system of national technical coordination is to start operating next year.  After “government hour” at the State Duma, the Minister spoke to journalists. Our correspondent asked what would happen to self-regulated organizations (SROs) if they continue to work inefficiently. Mikhail Menn answered that there is no plan to destroy self-regulation in Russia but rather to increase their responsibilities, including the quality of construction. The law on subsidiary responsibility now being developed will make SRO members fulfil their duties properly and be responsible for their financial defaults on commitments. The law is to come into force next year as well.   
Menn supports Khinstein over bankruptcy
14-05-2015, 14:44
Moscow, the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. The head of Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing, Mikhail Menn, and the deputy, Alexander Khinstein, expressed a common view of the bankruptcy SU-155 during "government hour". The construction industry, especially today (said the deputy) is not about the profitable bankruptcy of large companies, which can then be folded into other enterprises. The minister supported the opinion of the well-known deputy and added that perhaps this holding will avoid bankruptcy if it sells its non-core assets and thus will be able to pay off its creditors.
In St. Petersburg, the construction of a Valve Plant for 10.5 billion rubles has begun
14-05-2015, 11:47
Today in the Kolpino district of St. Petersburg, JSC "Mera-stal" began construction on a plant of structural armature.As reported to Construction.ru by the city’s press service, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Sergey Movchan, took part in a ceremony to mark the start of the enterprise. According to him, after the completion of the project, its capacity will reach 350 thousand tons per year. This will provide for half of the needs of the construction market in the Northwestern Federal District. Investment in the project will amount to 10.5 billion rubles.  
Arabian Majid Al Futtaim in Russian Kazan
14-05-2015, 09:30
In Kazan, at the Government House on May 12th, negotiations were held between the Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Ildar Khalikov, and representatives from Majid Al Futtaim (United Arab Emirates), Frank Vitek and Pierre Cassimatis As reported today by Construction.ru via the republican press service, the parties discussed prospects for the implementation of joint projects in the sphere of trade. In particular, the executive director of the Majid Al Futtaim Retail Company, Frank Vitek, thanked Ildar Halikov for the reception and noted that the primary activity of the company is in the sphere of real estate.  Tatarstan is known as one of the most dynamically developing regions of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the company is considering the possibility of opening a chain of supermarkets in Kazan.
Certificat EcoStandard GREEN
14-05-2015, 09:00
This document confirms that all product from a plant in the Tver region is safe for human health and the environment.The press service of the company Paroc has announced that its products have received the environmental certification EcoStandard GREEN, a general certification from the EcoStandart group of companies. EcoMaterial, the standard of ecological designation for structural and finishing materials, has been operating since 2010 as a system of voluntary certification for structural and finishing materials.With eco-labeling, the consumer receives reliable, peer-reviewed information on the environmental aspects of the product purchased as regards its safety in terms of human health and reduction of harmful effects on the environment. The EcoMaterial project has certified more than one hundred materials from 14 Russian producers. The Russian division of Paroc is now in this pool of socially responsible companies.The head of the Russian division of Paroc Group, Igor Schatz, noted that the "green" certificate completely corresponds with the principles of the management and the mission of Paroc Group - to create safe and comfortable conditions for life. "Heat insulation products from the plant are produced with mineral wool, a natural and ecological material with a wide range of applications: construction and technical insulation, shipbuilding insulation, insulation technology and production equipment, and acoustic materials. Thanks to the natural raw materials, our products possess high heat-insulating and fire-resistant properties and differ from the rest of the market in their longevity and high soundproofing properties. Our strategic goal is to give consumers one more assurance that our insulation is of high quality in all regards ", he said.  
New Minister in Stavropol
14-05-2015, 08:32
The Ministry of Construction, Road Economy and Transport and the Governor of Stavropol Krai, Vladimir Vladimirov, has appointed 45-year-old Igor Vasilyev, Construction.ru was told today by the regional press service. Before this, Vasilyev was the minister of road economy and transport for the region. When at the end of April this ministry merged with the Ministry of Construction, Igor Vasilyev headed the new structure.
Russia allows Belarus to pay
14-05-2015, 07:38
The Government of the Russian Federation has signed an agreement on credit to Belarus which, in particular, changes the terms and conditions of repayments. As specified in materials published on the official portal of legal information, it concerns the agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and Belarus on granting credit of $1.55 billion, as concluded on January 31st, 2014. Repayment conditions have been changed thus: "The Belarusian party is to repay the credit sum in 14 equal semi-annual shares on January 15th and on July 15th every year, and the first payment will be made on January 15th, 2017". But most importantly, the Office of the ministry of the Russian Federation considers it expedient to exclude from the document a clause that Belarus will pay the loan in US dollars.
How the Ministry of Defense of Russia supplied Crimea with fresh water
14-05-2015, 07:17
The RF Ministry of Defense has completed the laying of main pipelines for supplying the peninsula with fresh water. The Deputy Minister of Defense, Dmitry Bulgakov, told journalists in Moscow that the total length of 48 pipelines, laid by servicemen from the Western and Eastern military regions, is 412,416 km. The pipelines have already delivered more than half a million m3 of water.  About 500 servicemen and 200 units of military and special equipment were in operation during the work. To remind you, after Crimea joined Russia, water delivery through the Crimean Channel from the Dnieper was completely stopped.   
New Head of Sakhalin Ministry
13-05-2015, 08:00
The former head of the Ministry of Construction of the Amur region, Vadim Zalozny, has been appointed the head of the ministry of construction for the Sakhalin region. As reported today in Construction.ru via the regional press service, he took the place of the discharged minister Vladimir Levin. Before this, he was accused of abuse of office as part of a criminal case concerning the head of the city district "Okhinsky", Alexander Shkrabalyuk.
China Promise
13-05-2015, 06:56
China is ready to open credit lines of up to $7 billion for Belarus. Minsk. Our special correspondent in Belarus, Pavel Chernenko, reports.
Brand new car manufacturing plant
8-05-2015, 08:21
Construction in Belarus on the first stage of the new Chinese ‘Geely’ car plant is to begin at the end of May 2015.As reported to Construction.ru by the management of Belgee Enterprise, the cost of the first line of the plant, with a capacity of 60 thousand cars a year plus welding, coloring and assembly of car bodies, will be about $330 million. It is to start on January 1st, 2017. If everything goes well, in 2018 construction of the second line, which will double capacity to 120 thousand cars, will begin.We remind you that in October 2011 the Ministry of Industry of Belarus signed the memorandum of cooperation for the production of cars with the Chinese company Geely, and in December with SZAO "Belgee", on the basis of which the assembly of cars began. In February 2013 the first car was assembled, and in March the first cars were sold.Now "Belgee" produces 40 cars daily, and the annual capacity of the enterprise is around 10 thousand cars.  
Fired from the Ministry
8-05-2015, 07:15
The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, has dismissed the deputy heads of the department of the capital, Vladimir Shvetsov and Victor Korneev. The orders were placed on the official portal of the city hall of Moscow today. "To dismiss Shvetsov Vladimir Aleksandrovich as the deputy head of the department of construction in Moscow", it was noted in one of the documents signed by the mayor on May 5th. A similar order on May 6th dismissed the deputy administrator of the department of construction for Moscow, Victor Korneev.
Krasnodar, Austria and 1.5 billion roubles
8-05-2015, 06:29
In Krasnodar, the first stage of the township "Green Coast", which is being constructed in the city with  financial resources from Austrian investors, was initiated yesterday. As reported by Construction.ru via the regional press service, the project will have 300 cottages with a total area of 40 thousand sq. m. The township will also have all of the necessary infrastructure and also a shopping center, kindergarten, restaurant, cafe, athletic fields and walking zones. The total amount of investment in the project is 1.5 billion rubles. All objects will be put into operation in 2018.
Krasnodar, Austria and 1.5 billion roubles
8-05-2015, 06:29
In Krasnodar, the first stage of the township "Green Coast", which is being constructed in the city with  financial resources from Austrian investors, was initiated yesterday. As reported by Construction.ru via the regional press service, the project will have 300 cottages with a total area of 40 thousand sq. m. The township will also have all of the necessary infrastructure and also a shopping center, kindergarten, restaurant, cafe, athletic fields and walking zones. The total amount of investment in the project is 1.5 billion rubles. All objects will be put into operation in 2018.