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Medvedev has reduced administrative procedures in construction
3-06-2015, 07:41
The prime minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, has signed a Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on a reduction of the list of administrative procedures in construction. As Construction.ru reported via the government press service, at a meeting with ministers, Dmitry Medvedev reminded them that in the Doing Business rating, on such indicators as obtaining a construction license, Russia has significantly improved its position. "But we shouldn't stop - we have to go further in trying to facilitate the work of builders, to make this work less formal, less bureaucratic", he said. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Kozak, “At the moment, companies dealing in housing and commercial real estate shouldn't agree on a number of documents on the equipping of a water supply. Cancellation of this procedure will allow us to reduce the time needed to obtain a construction license by 30 days. But at least 40 more procedures are superfluous and complicate construction”, he said. It is planned that they will be cancelled before the end of the year.
The "Construction Equipment and Technologies 2015" exhibition has opened in Moscow.
3-06-2015, 06:31
Today in Moscow the 16th international specialized exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies /CTT2015", which will stay open until June 6th, began.As our special correspondent Elena Kudryashova reports from the event, the leading representatives of the industry have gathered in pavilions and on the open areas of the Crocus Expo Centre. 700 companies from Russia and foreign countries, among them Atlas Copco, Liebherr, Wirtgen, John Deere, "Kudesnik", KAMAZ, "CHETRA-Industrial Cars", GAZ Group, "MK Kraneks", "Liugong" and others, are participating in STT this year The Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Mikhail Menn, greeted participants and guests of the exhibition. "We are faced with the most difficult of tasks: to carry out modernization of the production base of the industry and that of construction materials, to increase the localization of production of equipment and materials in Russia, and to carry out refurbishment of our own capacities and resources. For the solution to these tasks, the Ministry of Construction is conducting an inquiry into the improvement of the standards and the legal base, the elimination of administrative barriers, and the development of the tools which will promote a transition of the industry to a higher level", he declared."Like the economy in general, the industry is faced with the need to develop the production of modern construction equipment. State support measures promoting import substitution in the sphere of government and municipal procurements are being developed, and an increase in technological effectiveness and levels of localization of production in the territory of the Russian Federation will allow for the steady development of business", the deputy head of Minpromtorg of the Russian Federation, Andrey Boginsky, said. According to the first deputy head of the department of urban policy of Moscow, Oleg Ryndin, Moscow always needs the most modern equipment and technologies and therefore such exhibitions are extremely necessary to find such technology in Russia and the world and to apply them to construction in the capital.STT acts as a platform for international cooperation in the sphere of construction equipment and technologies. Products are presented here by national displays from Germany, Italy, Finland, China and South Korea. STT covers the whole range of construction equipment, including equipment for road construction, lifting equipment, cranes, drilling and mining complexes, equipment for the production of concrete works, earth-moving equipment, loaders, and also accessories, tires, fuels and lubricants.  
Menn: in Housing and Communal Services of Russia, a transition from licensing to self-regulation is possible
2-06-2015, 08:55
Moscow, TASS. Our correspondent Alexey Nevsky. The Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Mikhail Menn, told journalists about the first results of the licensing of management companies in the sphere of housing and communal services of the Russian Federation.   He reminded us that the Government of the Russian Federation was compelled to reform the outdated system of housing and communal services through the adoption of several federal laws, one of which obliged local authorities to carry out the licensing of management companies already operating and due to operate in future in the regions. Licenses for work were obtained by some but not by all companies. In some regions the percentage of those failing reached 30%. Countrywide, 13% of management companies didn't obtain the license up to May 1st.  However, there are regions where all companies obtained the license from day one, for example, the Tambov region. Mikhail Menn highlighted that to obtain the license to be an operating company, "is only the first step for management companies – then, throughout all of their work, we expect strict checks and controls from inhabitants and local authorities. The role of housing inspectorates will thus increase, but will not become dominant." The deputy minister for housing and communal services, Andrey Chibis, also participated in the press conference. He said that housing inspectors also needed to obtain certification on their readiness to work in this sphere, but not all of them passed the examinations. Of 20,000 inspectors, 10% failed. For all of them, the examination consisted of one hundred questions. Minister Menn then reminded us that in reforming housing and communal services, Russia has gone the way of some European countries, for example Poland, which in the early nineties moved to licensing of management companies. In 2014, licensing there was replaced with self-regulation. In time, it can happen in our country, Mikhail Menn said.  
Wood panel plant for $200m in Russian Kaluga
2-06-2015, 07:38
In Lyudinovo's OEZ in the Kaluga region, the ceremony of the laying of a memorial stone in the construction of the KASTAMONU Company’s second plant in Russia took place on May 28th. As reported in Construction.ru via the company’s press service, the event, dedicated to the beginning of the construction of the new plant today, was attended by representatives from the Government of Russia, the governor of the Kaluga region, leading experts in the sphere and representatives from large Russian and Turkish businesses. The KASTAMONU plant for the production of wood panels will be built on 70 hectares of Kaluga’s land.  At the first stage of implementation of the project, about $200m will be invested. Upon the completion of the building in 2018, the enterprise will create more than 400 high-tech jobs in the region and thousands more in adjacent and service industries. It should be noted that the Kaluga region was chosen as the place for the realization of the project in connection with the favorable geographical and logistical conditions which the region has.
South Korean investment in Khabarovsk
2-06-2015, 07:12
South Korean investors have decided to build a tractor assembly plant in Khabarovsk. As Construction.ru was told by the press service of the regional administration, the South Korean company "LS" intends to realize the project. The main objective now is to find a place with the necessary infrastructure for the building site of the enterprise. Besides this, the South Korean company will construct a pedestrian undercrossing in Khabarovsk without disrupting traffic.
The book ‘Town Planning in Stalin's Shadow’
2-06-2015, 07:00
Moscow, the Central House of Architects. Our correspondent Alexey Nevsky. Here in the evening of May 28th, with the assistance of the KNAUF group, the presentation of the Russian-language edition of "Town planning in Stalin's shadow", a book by the German scientist and architectural researcher Harald Bodenschatz, took place. In the opening presentation, the president of the Union of Moscow Architects, Nikolay Shumakov, noted that the subject of town planning is always interesting. It is surprising that this book was conceived in Germany and wasn’t written as easy fiction - the author tried to investigate town planning from the point of view of a professional, for which we owe him thanks. Then Nikolaus Knauf, the Honourable Consul of Russia in Nuremberg and the co-owner of the KNAUF international group handled the welcome speech to the audience. To congratulate the author on the publication of his book in Russian, the head of the department of economics of the Embassy of Germany in Russia, Wolfgang Dick, and the former managing director of the CIS KNAUF group, Gerd Lenga, were also present.  “I drew analogies between the urban policy of three capitals – Rome, Berlin and Moscow - during the period between the two world wars of the last century. In those times, there was much in common between Italy, Germany and the USSR in terms of urban policy in general and in the buildings of the capitals in particular, and in these countries dictatorships dominated. But in the book I give a professional analysis not only of the general plan of Moscow of that period, but also of other large cities of the USSR”, said Harald Bodenschatz. Our correspondent was given more details about the destiny of this book in Russia by Leonid Los, the head of corporate communications for the central management of the CIS KNAUF group. According to him, a big group of scientists and translators worked on the book for more than three years. This book has been published for members of the professional community and for students of the relevant higher education institutions in an edition of 2000 copies and is not for commercial sale. All expenses on a release of a public edition were assumed by the KNAUF Company. Nikolaus Knauf
Russian company LenFilm is to build FilmCity in St. Petersburg for 4 billion roubles
1-06-2015, 09:49
The "Lenfilm" construction project in St. Petersburg will combine film production and storage facilities, as well as a full-scale set and entertainment area.As reported by "Vedomosti", the volume of investment in site work of the film city will cost 4 billion rubles over three years. Scenery, film-making pavilions, whole streets and quarters will be built and the first floors of the buildings will be given over to cafes and souvenir shops for tourists. Film-making pavilions will be offered for leasing. Realization of the project will require 3-5 hectares but the location hasn’t been decided upon yet.  
A hotel will be built at Patriot Park near Moscow
1-06-2015, 09:01
A modern and comfortable hotel at the military Patriot Park in Kubinka will be constructed by the authorities of the Moscow area, it was declared in a TV interview the governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov. According to him, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has already allocated the territory for commercial use.   In the congress and exhibition center of the military park there will be an international military and technical forum, "Army-2015", from June 16th to June 19th. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has invited 38 states, among them countries from SCO, CSTO, and BRICS. As of May 26th, 32 states had already confirmed their participation. It is planned that it will then take place every two years. Patriot Park will be able to accept to 20 thousand visitors a day.  
Nursultan Nazarbayev has confidence in the prospects of the EEU.
1-06-2015, 08:25
At a meeting with heads of delegations from CIS states in Kazakhstan, the president of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev, declared today that the Eurasian Economic Union (EASE) has a big future, despite current difficulties.As reported on the newswire, the Kazakhstan leader also said that he doesn't see an alternative to the integration of all CIS countries and that such a union has good potential. Now, when all of them are enduring the global crisis and a reduction in the prices of export goods, collaboration and cooperation are paramount. Therefore, apart from political events, there is no alternative to integration. EEAS is this internationally integrated economic association and was formed from the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space and has been functioning since January 1st of the current year. The current members of the EEU are Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and, as of May 29th, Kyrgyzstan. A joint action plan for a solution to topical issues in the financial and economic spheres was signed, and also a strategy for ensuring international transport safety.  
The Skytrain In Lipetsk
1-06-2015, 08:01
In Lipetsk, a meeting between the head of the Lipetsk region, Oleg Korolev, the head of Lipetsk, Mikhail Gulevsky, and representatives of the “Morton” construction company took place. As ?onstruction.ru reported via the regional press service, they discussed the question of the construction of the Skytrain in the regional center, and also the realization of the project of the ‘Rolling Stones’ multipurpose sports complex. A representative from "Morton", Mikhail Bekovitsky, submitted a concept for the Lipetsk metro, the engineering stages and the amount of financing.Construction of three parts of the project, taking into account the general plan of the regional center, is being planned to finish in 2035. The first stage will go from Minskaya Street to Novolipetsk, the second to the settlement of Romanovo, and the third to the special economic zone "Lipetsk". In total it will be 35 km long. The site work will cost 30 billion rubles in total. As a result, the beginning of the realization of the construction project for the Skytrain in Lipetsk is planned for autumn of this year.  
New Head of “Achinskyi Cement”
1-06-2015, 07:04
As of June 1st 2015, Vladimir Kolychev, is the new CEO of "Achinskyi Cement" (Krasnoyarsk Krai, BaselCement holding). As Construction.ru was told by the press service of the holding, before this he worked as the director of production. Vladimir Kolychev has worked in various capacities at "Achinskyi Cement" since 2008. Before that he was in RUSAL, where he worked for the enterprise as the technology director and the chief of production and the analytical department "Rusal Global Management B.V."
Americans in Lipetsk
1-06-2015, 06:34
In Lipetsk, the head of regional administration, Oleg Korolev, has met with representatives of the American company "Kemin Industries".As told to Construction.ru by the regional press service, this firm specializes in production of forages for animals, and also in special ingredients for the improvement of food and human health. At the meeting, the participation of the company in the implementation of the construction project in OEZ "Lipetsk" for plant-feed additives was discussed. Oleg Korolev noted that the authorities are ready to create optimum conditions for the construction of the plant. The president of the “Kemin Industries Company”, Ronald Nelson, in turn, was highly appreciative of the efforts of the regional authorities on the development of the infrastructure of the region and hoped for successful cooperation with the Lipetsk region and development of business in the Russian market. He highlighted that "Kemin Industries" plans to use local specialists. The representatives of the company then visited OEZ "Lipetsk" and examined the territory allocated for the construction of the plant.  
The Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Construction divide authority in the production of building materials
29-05-2015, 12:41
The status quo has come to an end with an act of modification of regulations on Minpromtorg and the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing, where powers have been shared, it was reported in Moscow by the Minister of Construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Menn. According to him, state policy in the sphere of building materials now passes to Minpromtorg, and technical regulation remain in the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing’s remit. In Minpromtorg there is a certain support for enterprises and their modernization. "This is the optimal distribution of functions between the ministries", the minister assured attendees.
Mortgage currency loans
29-05-2015, 11:39
Since the beginning of 2015 in Russia, only 25 mortgage currency loans have been issued, the CEO of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, Alexander Plutnik, told journalists today in Moscow. According to him, the delivery of currency mortgages has been decimated thanks to measures taken by the Central Bank. Citizens now have more faith in the Russian ruble and are trying to obtain credit in their domestic currency.
Finnish business has invested in Russian favorite
29-05-2015, 08:36
Moscow, the Embassy of Finland. Our correspondent Alexey Nevsky. On May 27th the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce held the business forum "Finnish Construction in Moscow", in which representatives of the construction business from Russia and Finland participated.
A hot day for Russian entrepreneurship
29-05-2015, 07:34
Moscow, the TsVK "Expocentre". Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. Today, during the celebration of the ‘Day of Russian Entrepreneurship’, the All-Russian conference "Small and medium business: break strategy" took place. Businessmen talked about progress and difficulties: Alexander Chernetsov from the Tula region, Pavel Tsynbaly from the Kaliningrad region, Rahim Roziyeviz from the Kaluga region, Vladimir Shaporenko from the Belgorod region, and Elena Dybova from Moscow. Commenting on reports from the Ministry of Economic Development were representatives from Minpromtorg, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov, the representative of Rospotrebnadzor, FNS of Russia, representatives from the leading banks of the Russian Federation, and the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of Russia of public organizations.
The first deputy minister of construction for the Moscow area has been nominated "manager of the year".
28-05-2015, 08:14
 The diploma for the winner of the regional round of the all-Russian competition, "Manager of the Year - 2014" (nomination: "Public and Municipal Administration") has been handed to the first deputy minister of Moscow region construction, Sergey Pakhomov.As told to Construction.ru by the press service of the ministry, the award took place in the deputy minister’s study, in a break between meetings. The head of the organizing committee of the regional round of competition, and the vice-president of the Free Economic Society (FES) of the Moscow area, Ekaterina Filippenkova, said before the ceremony that the award for "Manager of Year" is given for an increase in management efficiency, for identification of the best heads and their distribution, and also for the increase of professionalism in administration. The competition for "Manager of Year" has been held in the territory of the Moscow region for more than 10 years. The chairman of the jury of the Russian competition is the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and the Vice-President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Dr. Econ. Sci., Professor Sergey Glazyev.  
Russia has a national association of manufacturers of building materials
28-05-2015, 08:10
The Minister of Construction and Housing, Mikhail Menn, on May 27th held a meeting to establish a Russian National Association of manufacturers of building materials, products, and structures.As Construction.ru was told by the press service of the ministry, Mikhail Menn reminded us that in Russia there are two national, and divergent, self-regulating organizations: those of construction and of design / surveying. At the end of 2014 a group of producers of building materials proposed the creation of their own public organization. "After a detailed study of this question, it was decided that we create a National Association of manufacturer of building materials, but not to include it in the system of self-regulation. Nevertheless, we will have a clear partner in the development of decisions on support and the further development of the building material industry. It is very important for us that this national association will express the consolidated position of the whole professional community and to protect the interests of all branches and not just of one company", the head of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Russian Federation said. According to him, the ministry acknowledges that this national association will first of all take an active role in the technical regulation of its construction branch regarding production and the use of building materials, in the development of measures to support building materials for the industry, and in the preparation of changes in the regulatory base which is necessary for the development of the industry.  
Wind - The 1bn Power Station
28-05-2015, 07:02
On the coast of the Molochny estuary in the Zaporozhye region, work has begun on the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 99 MW, to be launched before December 31st, 2016.As Construction.ru has reported via the press service of GP "Ukrenergo", the EuroCape New Energy Limited project has started construction in the Melitopol and Azov regions of the Zaporozhye area of this power station, which is the most powerful European wind power station. Its general power, with the application of vetro-agregate to the power of 3.3 MW, will be capable of generating 500 MW.Besides construction of the wind power station on the coast of the "Dairy estuary", "EuroCape New Energy Limited" will be engaged in laying an air-line of 330 kV to be connected to a power plant in the substation "Melitopol", of Dneprovsky ES, with a capacity of 330 kV. The ongoing projects of the company also include the reconstruction of the substation "Melitopol" and the "construction of facilities in the social sphere and of roads" of the infrastructure of a wind farm, to wit, "Ukrenergo". The cost of construction work at the Zaporozhye Wind Power Station is estimated at €750 million. The construction of an air-line, infrastructure, improvements and the reconstruction of the 330kV "Melitopol" substation will be about €250 million more. "EuroCape New Energy Limited" has received the first sum, but "Ukrenergo" will not report how much this is.  
New penalties for home repairs in Moscow
28-05-2015, 06:35
Deputies of the Moscow City Council approved today the introduction in the capital of "quiet time", when noisy refurbishment activity in apartment houses is forbidden. As reported in Construction.ru via the press service of the city parliament, such regulations will be in operation from 13.00 till 15.00 and from 19.00 till 9.00. Penalties for violations of the decree of silence will be from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles ($20 to $40); for officials, from 4,000 to 8,000 rubles ($80 to $160); and for legal workers, from 40,000 to 80,000 rubles ($800 to $1600). ‘Loud sounds’ connotes the carrying out of reorganization or re-planning of premises in apartment houses and other repair work. The right to allocate penalties has been given to the Moscow housing inspectorate.  
Let there be light in the entrance
27-05-2015, 08:48
From January 2016 in Moscow, construction will begin of standard new-style houses of 6 to 17 floors with the use at the entrance of translucent light designs.As Construction.ru reported via the press service of the Moscow City Architecture Committee, in particular, stained-glass windows are to be used, which are used only in the construction trade and business centers so far. Soon developers will be obliged to use them in houses. Besides this, entrances to houses and access to elevators will be equipped for handicapped citizens.  Houses will have flexible apartment planning and some options on the placement of balconies and windows and obligatory six-room apartments for large families. Planning on the first floors (where shops can be found) will also be looser. New types of houses will benefit from the coordination of the Moscow City Architecture Committee in September, 2015.  
Plant in Ukraine, in Karelia
27-05-2015, 08:03
The Governor of Karelia, Alexander Hudilaynen, held a working meeting on May 25th with the director of JSC Padana Chemical Compounds, Vadim Babyi, a company which is officially registered in the Ivano-Franskovsky area of Ukraine.As Construction.ru reported today via the republican press service, Vadim Babyi presented a construction project developed by Italian investors for Karelia of enterprises for the production and processing of polymeric compositions. These could have a very wide range of applications - from the production of automotive cable and window profiles to shoes. During the meeting, joint steps on implementation of the project and questions of the choice of land for the construction of new plants were discussed. The building of such environmentally friendly productions that have value to Karelia could begin this year.  The JSC Padana Chemical Compounds Company is registered in Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankovsk area in 1999 but has 100% Italian capital. It is one of the leaders in the production of polymeric compositions on the Ukrainian market.  
The Union bank of construction projects is opened in Moscow
27-05-2015, 07:52
As Construction.ru has been told by the press service of the Committee of the City of Moscow on ensuring the implementation of investment projects in construction, the target audience for the site are investors who want to sell a project or land plot and those who want to buy one or to become a co-investor. The portal is an interactive map of Moscow, on which special characters represent different projects that for various reasons can’t be realized in the current economic climate, complete with how developed they are (paper, unfinished construction, land plots with permission, etc.). Investors are ready to sell them or to attract co-investors. Available to access are the address, the rights for the land or object, their functional purpose, the area of a site, the area of an object (regarding the development plan for a land plot or site planning), the available encumbrances, and the subject of the transaction.  All information is checked before publication by specialists from Moskomstroyinvest. So far there are only 10 construction projects on the database.
The chief architect of the Moscow region
27-05-2015, 07:28
The members of the Union of Moscow Architects have appointed Mikhail Khaykin the chief architect of the Moscow region.As was told to Construction.ru by Glavarkhitektura's press service for the Moscow region, his full job title is, "The first deputy chief of the head department of architecture and town planning – the main architect of the Moscow region". Mikhail Khaykin had previously held the position of the first deputy to the chief. “Before that for more than 4 years was the chief architect and the First Deputy CEO of the JSC Institute of Town Planning. He worked in the main Moscow architectural management planning department". Now he will supervise questions of architectural and artistic concepts in the Moscow area.  
Stanley and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending
27-05-2015, 06:41
The position of the deputy to the CEO of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending on Finance will be held by Artem Fedorko, who used to work for the American company Morgan Stanley, a source in the Agency’s press service has reported to Construction.ru.  Fedorko will supervise financial statements, be responsible for finding financial resources in the Agency for mortgage loans, and oversee the securitization of mortgage assets and financial planning.At current he is the Executive Director of the operations branch for debt and currency markets at Morgan Stanley Bank.His duties include implementation of transactions with currency and tools with fixed profitability, management of the bank’s currency position, percentage risk, liquidity, analysis of the market in terms of operations, monitoring of the operations which are subject to obligatory control and coordination of the work of the management staff, according to the official site of Morgan Stanley.  
New DNA building
26-05-2015, 15:05
Kazan. Our own correspondent in the Volga federal district, Nikolay Astrakhantsev. In Kazan, at Gorky Park, a sports clinic in the form of a DNA spiral will be constructed. As the local press reported today, the clinic will be multi-storey. The building will be located on the site of an old clinic for infectious diseases, which was demolished long ago. At the moment, only the height of and the entrance to the building are still to be approved.
"Transstroy" has won a case for 2.1 billion rubles against the authorities of Moscow
26-05-2015, 14:04
The arbitration court of Moscow has refused the claim of the capital department of construction against the JSC Transstroy Corporation for 2.1 billion rubles regarding a penalty for violation of terms of the reconstruction of the Shchelkovskoye Highway. As was told to Construction.ru by the press service of the construction company, the judgment can be appealed within a month in the ninth arbitration appellate court, but the Moscow authorities are unlikely to do so. The main owner of "Transstroy" until December 2014 was the owner of "Basic Element", Oleg Deripaska, but now it is entrepreneur Egor Andreev. In late April, the construction department of the Court of Arbitration increased its requirements for "Transstroy" from 1.6 to 2.1 billion rubles - thus the plaintiff estimated the penalty for violating the terms of delivery of reconstruction of the Shchelkovo highway in Moscow. The state contract has a value of more than 9 billion rubles. It provides for the expansion of the highway to three or four lanes in each direction, the construction of 10 km of side lanes, the construction of a two-level traffic intersection with a 547 m long platform for the crossing of Shchelkovskoye Highway and Uralskaya Street, and also for the construction and reconstruction of five pedestrian crossings.