Germany views Nord Stream 2 as the cheapest way of delivering gas to Europe

‘Nord Stream 2 is a project of European energy companies based on a clear business calculation: the route from new production areas in northern Siberia is shorter while transport costs in the long term are lower than when transmitting gas through Ukraine. Compared with the liquefied natural gas, environmental friendliness is higher while and costs are lower’, Mr. Büchele was quoted as saying by the press office of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.

According to him, gas imports to Europe are growing due to a decrease in production and an increase in demand for gas in this region. At the same time, the Netherlands has announced that since 2022, the production of natural gas in Europe’s largest gas field — Groningen — will be significantly reduced. While gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will ensure a stable gas price for end consumers and ensure the competitiveness of European industry, Wolfgang Büchele said.

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