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Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev assigns to maintain momentum of new housing supply
1-08-2016, 18:02
At present, the Russian market experiences a so-called delayed effect of the crisis of 2014 – the beginning of 2015. That is why there is a need to maintain the momentum of new housing supply, Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, told on Monday at a presidium meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects.
Russian and Kazakh officials discuss EEU technical guidelines
25-07-2016, 15:47
Moscow. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. Today, an expert meeting between the representatives of the Construction, Housing and Utilities Committee at the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan and their Russian colleagues was held in Moscow in the Russian Construction Ministry’s office.
Japanese businessmen examine Russian utility and housing sector
19-07-2016, 17:37
Delegation of businessmen from Japan headed for the Russian city of Volgograd within the program of strengthening of cooperation with Russia in the utility and housing sector. The trip was organized with the assistance of the Russian Construction Ministry.
Mikhail Menn determines priorities for Russian Construction Ministry
14-07-2016, 12:26
The key middle-term priorities of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities are to provide the citizens with available housing and to enhance the quality of services in the utility sector, the Construction Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, said at a session of the President’s Council on Strategic Development and Priority Projects on Thursday.
Peculiarities of KNAUF Gypsum Kungur enterprise
9-07-2016, 23:13
Kungur. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. The second day of a press tour in the Perm region for the reporters from the industrial media, on the 6th of July, started with a visit to KNAUF Gypsum Kungur enterprise.
Germans built plant, crucial for Russian housing and utilities
28-06-2016, 16:14
Today, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Mikhail Menn, and governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyev, put into operation in the Noginsk region a plant producing energy-saving pumps and pump systems of the German WILO company.
SCO summit in Tashkent: What is Vladimir Putin's agenda?
23-06-2016, 11:19
On the 23rd of June, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to take part in a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). After that, on Saturday, the President will head to China.
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev: New privatization must be transparent
21-06-2016, 18:27
Russia’s new privatization must be carried out transparently and thoughtfully, at an appropriate price, Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Tuesday at the United Russia’s forum entitled: Economy of Russia: Country’s Success and Well-Being”.
VOLVO shows to reporters its unique engine factory in Sweden
17-06-2016, 11:19
Sweden. The factory manufacturing Volvo cars engine. Our special correspondent, Alexey Nevsky, reports from the ground. Here, the Swedish company’s two factories producing engines are located in vicinity of a small town of Skövde.
VOLVO CE officials reveal their plans for Russia
16-06-2016, 10:51
Braas. Sweden. Our special correspond, Alexei Nevsky, reports from the ground. Press tour organized for the representatives of the Russian industrial media continued with a visit to the world largest Volvo plant producing articulated haulers.
How VOLVO ABG exploits former tank plant
15-06-2016, 10:52
Hamelin. Germany. Our special correspondent Alexei Nevsky. Here, at the VOLVO ABG plant, situated 70 km from Hannover, on the 13th of June, Russian journalists familiarized themselves with new technologies of the road machinery production under this well-known brand.
New plant for thermal insulation launched in Ryazan
25-05-2016, 10:45
The official opening ceremony of a plant producing thermal insulation was attended by the Construction, Housing and Utilities Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, the first Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Gleb Nikitin, the deputy governor of the Ryazan region, Ivan Filimonov, and the president of TechnoNICOL corporation, Sergei Kolesnikov.
Results of housing and utilities conference chaired by Mikhail Menn
23-05-2016, 09:53
On Friday, the Construction, Housing and Utilities Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, held a joint conference with the region's governor, Pavel Konkov, during Menn’s working trip to the Ivanovo region. The subject of the meeting, held in the regional government office, was the overhaul and resettlement of unfit housing inhabitants.