American Congress’ new sanctions against Russia to concern North Stream-2 construction

As local media report, the document was voted for by 419 congressmen, with only three being against it.

Soon the bill draft will enter the Senate for approval, then it is to be signed by President Trump. He might veto the document, but the House of Representatives might dodge it by a majority vote.

The document seriously restricts presidential powers. In particular, the Head of the state will have to bring any sanctions relief or cancelling into accord with legislators

The new bill draft provides the decrease of the maximum term of the market financing of Russian banks and oil and gas companies being under the sanctions to 14 and 30 days, respectively. Additionally, measures may be taken against the companies intending to invest more than $5 m a year or $1m as a lump sum in the construction of the Russian exporting pipe-lines. A special issue is dedicated to the US intention to counteract the construction of the North Stream-2 main.

Europe is dissatisfied with it most of all.

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