Japanese company to start second stage of greenhouse complex in Yakutia

The second stage of the Saiury greenhouse complex started to be constructed on the territory of the advanced development of Kangalassy. The project is implemented bythe Hokkaido Corporation.

According to the Saiury Director, Dmitry Zakharov, the total area of the greenhouse is to be 3.2 hectares by the end of 2019 and will 40% provide Yakutsk and its suburbs with vegetables.

The first products from the Saiury greenhouse complex started to be sold in the end of 2016, it was also delivered to kindergartens. The construction of the second and the third stages of the enterprise requires the investment of 1.2 bln roubles. The FE Development Foundation will allocate 30% of financing, the remaining part will include Japanese investment and borrowed funds.

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