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23:54 24-05-2018
Largest warehouse in Russian Far East to be erected in Khabarovsk
23:31 24-05-2018
A network of stations for charging electric vehicles to be created in Moscow
23:03 24-05-2018
Construction of $650m second phase of Vostochny Cosmodrome is launched
22:47 24-05-2018
Chinese CRCC to receive $26m components for tunnel construction in Moscow
22:29 24-05-2018
French public service operator agrees on cooperation with RDIF
22:02 24-05-2018
Mortgage rates in USA have reached seven-year high
21:45 24-05-2018
Turkish and Italian companies to take part in Russian tram line construction
23:12 23-05-2018
Head of Sberbank predicts further decline in mortgage rates in Russia
22:30 23-05-2018
Russia to invest $190 mln in infrastructure of industrial zone in Egypt
22:04 23-05-2018
State Department says US must keep on counteracting Nord Stream 2
21:47 23-05-2018
Agreement on Indian production of eye drops in Russia to be signed at 2018 SPIEF
21:24 23-05-2018
New airport in Saratov region is named after Yuri Gagarin
20:53 23-05-2018
Football museum to open at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow
20:12 23-05-2018
Italians put up for sale castle with 25 peasant houses
23:26 22-05-2018
Russia expects guarantees for construction of Turkish Stream in Bulgaria
22:38 22-05-2018
Spanish bank cut prices for real estate by 40%
22:01 22-05-2018
Monaco to spend $2.4 billion on expanding its coastline
21:45 22-05-2018
Ukrainian President called for maximum efforts to stop Nord Stream 2
21:22 22-05-2018
Date of construction of cableway from Russia to China is unveiled
20:53 22-05-2018
Digital technologies in housing construction to be discussed at SPIEF
20:13 22-05-2018
Hi-tech waterpark in form of flying saucer to be built in Caucasus
23:33 21-05-2018
Expert assessed prospects for construction of Bulgarian Stream
22:47 21-05-2018
RDIF to negotiate extending cooperation with Saudi Aramco
22:04 21-05-2018
Belene NPP project in Bulgaria implies Russian participation
21:39 21-05-2018
How the fall in the ruble exchange rate affected housing prices in Russia
21:15 21-05-2018
Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey grew by 25% — including Russians
20:58 21-05-2018
Housing with mortgage at 0% is being built in Russian Far East
20:23 21-05-2018
Why Chinese Tmall rents warehouse near Moscow airport
23:33 18-05-2018
Two T-shaped skyscrapers to be built in southeastern Cyprus
22:59 18-05-2018
Blackstone Fund sells all its Hilton shares for $1.3 billion
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