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23:41 17-07-2018
Head of Russia’s Central Bank warns about “bubbles” in mortgage market
23:15 17-07-2018
Knotel international coworking network enters Russian market
22:42 17-07-2018
Trump comes around on Nord Stream 2 after his meeting with Putin
22:11 17-07-2018
Moscow sets to become leader in development of unmanned transport systems
21:34 17-07-2018
21 transfer hubs will be put up for auction in Moscow
21:08 17-07-2018
Russian company comes up with world's largest construction 3D printer
20:13 17-07-2018
Russia welcomes India’s participation in NPP construction in Bangladesh
23:47 12-07-2018
Barcelona is struggling with illegal leasing
22:16 12-07-2018
Moldova will issue citizenship in exchange for investments
21:35 12-07-2018
Housing cost in Vancouver jumped by 40% over past three years
20:27 12-07-2018
Part of historic building on Maroseyka is put up for auction for $1,4 million
19:41 12-07-2018
Macron hints at sovereignty in issue of Nord Stream 2 construction
18:50 12-07-2018
Financial Times reveals secret of Russian money in Trump skyscraper
17:33 12-07-2018
What hampers construction of new STRATCOM headquarters?
23:28 11-07-2018
What are world’s most innovative countries?
22:49 11-07-2018
Walt Disney to invest $650 million in new headquarters in Manhattan
21:13 11-07-2018
Israel doubles number of foreign builders to solve housing crisis
20:37 11-07-2018
Why do foreign investments in Russia’s real estate grow?
19:26 11-07-2018
Trump is annoyed with “billions of dollars” that Russia will get from Germany
18:45 11-07-2018
Rosatom intends to add Jordan to customer list and cement dominance
17:04 11-07-2018
China to build railway in Serbia for $3.8 billion
23:58 10-07-2018
In first half of 2018, transactions with Dubai housing estimated at $30 billion
22:46 10-07-2018
People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
21:19 10-07-2018
Ukraine sets to cooperate with Rosatom in building plant for nuclear fuel production
20:03 10-07-2018
Historic Batashev estate in Moscow needs to be restored for $467,000
19:27 10-07-2018
Russian construction industry will see breakthrough — thanks to carbon fiber
18:30 10-07-2018
Italy and Russia agreed to build joint aircraft maintenance center
17:52 10-07-2018
Bangladesh and India to build railway leading to NPP under construction
23:36 09-07-2018
Greece leads in investor demand for elite housing in Mediterranean
22:07 09-07-2018
Housing sales in Toronto jumped to 2004-year high
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