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In Perm, a football arena for 1.4 billion rubles must be constructed
22-06-2015, 11:56
In Perm, a competition for the construction of a covered football arena for an initial cost of 1.4 billion rubles has been  announced.On the site of government purchases, it has been announced that the object will be located on the site of the former  stadium "Ural". The building area will thus be 1.4 hectares. The project will provide administration and household  buildings and a football field. It will be possible to submit an application for participation until June 7th. The winner  of the competition will become known on June 27th. Work on the building site has to come to an end by November 30th, 2016.  
The SEZ "Togliatti" need to construct an electricity network for 837.2 million rubles
22-06-2015, 08:53
JSC "Special Economic Zones" has announced a tender for the construction of a power network in the second phase of construction of SEZ "Togliatti", at an initial price for the contract of 837.2 million rubles.As reported on the site of government purchases today, five 60 MW block complete distributive substations must be installed by the contractor in order to mount an automated system of scheduling and tele-control of the power supply system. It is also necessary to install devices for communication networks and power supply networks to a power of 10kv.Applications for participation in the competition are being accepted until July 10th. The winner of the tender will become known on July 27th.  
For the installation of granite borders in the center, Moscow pays 1 billion rubles
18-06-2015, 11:26
As reported on the site of government purchases today, with two contracts for 401.4m and 573.4m rubles, contractors have to lay 343 km of borders, of which 171 km must be done within 25 days. For example, the carriageway of sidewalks in the center of Moscow will need 11 km of red board stones to separate the carriageway from grass, 8.5 km of which is to be a grey border. It will also be necessary to lay light grey curved borders. All of this will be made from the granite extracted from three Russian mines: "The Flower of the Urals" in the Chelyabinsk region, the Mansurovsky deposit in Bashkiria and from the red Sultayevsky granite also from the Chelyabinsk region.We remind you that the Vice-Mayor of Moscow for housing and communal services, Pyotr Biryukov, promised to change all stone borders in the capital in three years. It is about repairing broken barriers and not about reconstructing the existing ones.  
In the Moscow area, a highway is to be built for 1.6 billion rubles
15-06-2015, 06:11
The head of the department of road economy of the Moscow region has announced a competition for the contract on construction of the first stage of the western detour road at Sergiev Posad. As reported on the site of government purchases, the initial cost of the contract will be 1.6 billion rubles. Applications for participation are being accepted until June 23rd, 2015. The "Western Detour" project includes construction of three parts of the highway. The total length of all three sites will be more than 11 km. Novaya Route will provide connections between the southern and northern parts of the city and will bring transit transport out of the center. In the first stage, work on a site from the Moscow Highway to Street No. 4 will be carried out. According to the project, the two-lane street will stretch 1.3 km, and the potential capacity of the route is expected to be 60-65 thousand cars per day.
In Kirov, it is necessary to construct two new kindergartens.
8-06-2015, 06:26
The city administration in Kirov has announced a competition for contractors on the construction of two kindergartens in the Dolgushino and Urvantsevo residential districts.As reported on the site of government purchases, the kindergartens will be in 3-storey buildings with swimming pools. The preschool institution in Dolgushino will have 220 places (11 groups), and the one in Urvantsevo, 260 places (11 groups). After the competition in June/July 2015, a competition on the construction of a kindergarten in Ganino with 260 places will be announced. In total, 265 million rubles from the federal budget is to be allocated for the construction of 3 kindergartens. 60 million more rubles will be provided from the city budget.  
A tender is announced for the reconstruction of a Moscow metro station for 800 million rubles
2-06-2015, 06:31
In Moscow, the tender for the execution of work on the upgrading of seven stations of the subway, with an initial cost of contracts of 786.9 million rubles, has been announced. As reported on the site of government purchases today, according to the contract the contractor needs to carry out work at the following stations: "Bibirevo", "Sevastopolskaya", "Nakhimovsky Prospekt", "Tushino", "Tulskaya", "Kuzminki", and "Tretyakovskaya". As well as work on the designs of stairways, it will be necessary to replace the facing of the stairs and a heating system. According to the terms of the contract, it will be necessary also to repair the underground crosswalks adjacent to the stations. The winner of the tender will become known on June 24th. The work needs to be carried out within 100 days.
In Joshkar-Ola, it is necessary to reconstruct a perinatal center for 650 million rubles
29-05-2015, 06:32
In Joshkar-Ola, a competition on the reconstruction of the perinatal center and the construction of a new hi-tech centre has been announced. The initial cost of the contract is 653.3 million rubles. As reported on the site of government purchases, according to the terms of the contract, the contractor needs to perform work to dismantle the existing centre, to construct the medical and diagnostic centre, to buy and install equipment and furniture, and also to install lighting in the building. On the site, roadworks and improvements are planned. On implementation of the contract, the contractor is to be given three years to complete the work.
Reconstruction of the Gorky film studio
27-05-2015, 09:00
 Within a three-stage reorganization project, a building from the glory days of the film studio of M. Gorky in Moscow is being reconstructed.In 3-4 years, on the studio’s land a multipurpose studio complex and production centers for childrens’ films, family films, documentary films and animation will be constructed. The studio area is 32 thousand sq.m. with 5 film-making pavilions. After their reconstruction there will be 10 pavilions and a Museum of Cinema. The financing of the site works is planned to be carried out without state investments, but from sale at open auction of the land and buildings which aren't involved in movie production. These are estimated so far at 2.7 billion rubles, from which 2.5 billion rubles are to be spent on reconstruction.  
Heating contract for 60.5 million
26-05-2015, 07:53
In Ufa, a competition for the construction of a heating system with an initial cost of 60.5 million rubles has been announced, as reported on the site of government purchases today. The contractor has to lay the system from Zatonsky TPP, which will connect a heat and power plant to a boiler shop on Ufa’s Letchikov Street. The object’s length will be 2.5 thousand linear meters. The results of the competition will be announced on June 8th. The construction needs to be finished by December 2015.
Billions for reconstruction
22-05-2015, 10:30
In Moscow, the tender for installation and restoration works on the Maly (Small) Theatre, with an initial contract fee of 869.635 million rubles, has been announcedAs reported on the site of government purchases today, the contractor needs to install the construction equipment and replace the engineering communications. It is also necessary to perform preparatory work on the restoration of the paint job in the auditorium and to restore arts and crafts objects. The results of the competition will be announced on June 11th and all of the work needs to be executed before September 15th.We will remind you that the reconstruction on the theatre will be executed by 2016 in 3 stages. The cost of the work is estimated at 23.2 billion rubles.  
A 13 million rouble bridge needs to be build
21-05-2015, 12:30
Samara. Our special correspondent, Nikolay Astrakhantsev. A competition for the contract for the construction of Frunzensky Bridge has been announced in the Samara region.As reported on the site of government purchases, under the terms of the contract the bridge, with traffic intersections, must lead as far as Shosseinaya Street. Work on the building site for the crossing has to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2015 and come to an end before December 1st, 2018. From the regional budget, 12.8 billion rubles will be allocated for this project: 829 million in the current year, and 4 billion in each of 2016, 2017 and 2018.