Finnish Fortum needs contractor to build wind farm in Russia

The power station's capacity will amount to 500 MW, while the area of ​​the wind farm will be 750 ha. The tender is held by the company Vetroparky FRV, which is a subsidiary of PJSC Fortum that is incorporated in Finnish Fortum.
The tender is announced for the selection of a contractor who will conduct a mining and geological survey of the future wind farm site. In particular, it is necessary to investigate the site and assess the feasibility of construction of the facility, as well as calculate the deformation of the earth's surface in connection with the possible mining of minerals.
Bidding applications should be submitted by June 9, 2018, and on June 18, the results of the competition will be announced. The winner will be granted the right to conclude a contract worth 10 million rubles ($161,000).

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