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23:49 19-06-2018
80% of families in Latvia cannot afford to buy housing
23:05 19-06-2018
Sales of new housing in Israel are slowing down
22:41 19-06-2018
New residential projects in Monaco are in high demand
22:22 19-06-2018
Russian Railways may take part in ambitious Latin American project
21:57 19-06-2018
Japan invites foreign builders: “We need people who will start immediately”
21:32 19-06-2018
Erdogan plans to build third nuclear power plant in Turkey. Who will implement it?
21:04 19-06-2018
Nord Stream 2 AG received almost all pipes for construction
23:54 18-06-2018
BIM-technologies used in construction of eight World Cup stadiums in Russia
23:35 18-06-2018
In which countries is fastest rise in house prices?
23:18 18-06-2018
Skyscraper shaped like iPod to be erected in Dubai
22:57 18-06-2018
US manufacturers of construction equipment lash out at Trump over tariffs
22:31 18-06-2018
Ukraine intends to stop Nord Stream 2, creating special group in EU
22:03 18-06-2018
$32-million overhead passings to be built in Moscow region
21:29 18-06-2018
Polish diplomats “work hard” to complicate Nord Stream 2 construction
23:56 15-06-2018
Having agreed with North Korea, Trump did favor to Russian Gazprom
23:19 15-06-2018
Spanish bank sells out property for less than €75,000
22:47 15-06-2018
Elon Musk to build fastest train system in Chicago. Can everyone afford it?
22:24 15-06-2018
“One-day route” map developed in Russia for 2018 World Cup guests
21:52 15-06-2018
Immigrant reception center needs to be built for $1,9m
21:33 15-06-2018
Cultural and sports center shaped like “super-box” built in Moscow
21:06 15-06-2018
Two skyscrapers to be erected in northern Moscow
23:45 14-06-2018
Turkish media: Russia expands geography of its nuclear energy projects
22:25 14-06-2018
20 metro stations to be built in new Moscow
21:56 14-06-2018
Swedish court sides with Gazprom in its dispute with Naftogaz
21:28 14-06-2018
Moscow authorities to sell their offices after moving to Oko skyscraper
20:47 14-06-2018
Naftogaz: Construction of Nord Stream 2 violates EU legislation
20:18 14-06-2018
IKEA opens up to seven new format shops in Russia
19:46 14-06-2018
European banks offer cheap mortgage for energy-efficient housing
23:55 13-06-2018
Greek government introduces new property tax rates
23:32 13-06-2018
China sees prospects in building railways with Russia — media
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How to attract Chinese investment?
5-05-2016, 10:48
On the 22nd of April the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs held the second informal gathering of Chinese and Russian businessmen. Peter Larin reports. See all the videos - http://russianconstruction.com/videos/
30 years since the Chernobyl disaster
2-05-2016, 10:46
The reactor tank of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant blew up on April 26th, 1986. The exploitation term of sarcofagus builded in soviet time is expiled this year. What is modern Ukrain constructing there now with a help of Europe? Peter Larin reports. See all the videos -http://russianconstruction.com/videos/
Installers are 65
14-04-2016, 17:25
This year the most honorable construction organization of Russia - Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) celebrates its 65th birthday. The historical review - by Peter Larin.
Details of "Mosbuild" 2016
11-04-2016, 13:35
Moscow welcomed the main international construction and interior exhibition in April. All the details of the twenty-second "Mosbuild" - in the report by Peter Larin
Easier to build in Moscow?
1-04-2016, 14:28
A round table dedicated to the issue of eradicating administrative barriers took place in Moscow Government, Peter Larin reports.  
The First Moscow monument
31-03-2016, 10:13
The monument to national heroes Minin and Pozharsky was opened on 4th of March 1818. The history of the creation of the first Moscow monument - in Peter Larin's report
The real estate market in 2015
25-02-2016, 13:25
On February 10th,  the Kommersant Publishing House held a conference “The results of the real estate market of 2015”. The coverage of the event is by our correspondent Peter Larin
"Starateli" proceed own automation equipment
3-02-2016, 12:14
The production of domestic equipment for dry construction mixes manufacturing has been arranged in “Starateli” company. The company's policy of import replacement in automation processes give significant economic effect.