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Andrei Asadov: «I enjoy architecture having something irrational»

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Andrei Asadov: «I enjoy architecture having something irrational»

Andrei ASADOV belongs to the generation of young architects, but he has got a lot of successful projects appreciated by architectural community. Together with his father, architect Alexander ASADOV, he works for the “ASADOV architectural bureau” brand. In tandem with his brother, Nikita, he is a supervisor of some festivals “Zodchestvo”. And recently, he again got in the center of public attention due to the 30th anniversary of the Asadov’s bureau creative work and famous exhibition “Russian Architecture. The newest era”, where he was one of the organizers.

The attempt to summarize the 30-year-long experience of architecture development triggered a great many questions about architecture in general, modern architecture, and the architect’s values, and we asked Andrei ASADOV to answer them.

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