The results of “Platon” system work on the Russian roads

The results of “Platon” system work on the Russian roads
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19,000 owners of 12-ton trucks with the total fleet of 34,000 vehicles have registered in the state system of toll collection system in December, 64% of them are individuals, 21% - legal entities and 15% are entrepreneurs.

As Rosavtodor press office told, the data about 123,000 vehicles owners with the total fleet of 650,000 trucks are included in Platon system. 95% of large Russian cargo carriers with the fleet of more than 50 vehicles have been registered in the system.
Starting with December 28th a mobile application “Platon” is available for everybody on Google Play for Androids.
A mobile application for iOS in Apple Store will be available since January 11th. So, making a route map the users will be able to enter 10 intermediary points allowing to make up complex routes.
Waiting for the answer of the round-the-clock call-center operator now takes 15 seconds. Besides, it is possible to pay with cards E100 and DKV.
System services are available in «QIWI» terminals which are more than 149,000 all over the country. Starting with April 15th, 2016 there will be a technical possibility of post-payment.
By now the “Platon” system has collected 1.962 bln rubles into the Road Fund. The payments of foreign shippers surpassed 10% - 162m rubles – during the first month.