IFEMA presents ePower&Building

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IFEMA presents ePower&Building
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More than 1,200 companies, offering a full range of products for the construction cycle, and 60,000 professionals will take part in ePower&Building, a major industry event which will include the go-to trade fairs for the construction, restoration and energy efficiency sectors: VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, URBOTICA and MATELEC.

As our special correspondent, Sofya Orlova, reports from Madrid, the new project will take place at Feria de Madrid on October 25 – 28, 2016.

It aims to boost innovation and contribute to stimulating the market, including offerings by 1,200 companies and the presence of 60,000 visiting professionals from the engineering, industry, installation, automation, construction, architecture, infrastructures, urbanism spheres and the tertiary sector, making it the largest industry event in Europe.

Raul Calleja, Director of ePower&Building, and Luis Rodulfo, the General Director of CEPCO, the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Construction Product Manufacturers, took part in the presentation held at IFEMA on October 21st, 2015.

The trade fairs VETECO (The International Window, Facade and Solar Protection Exhibition), CONSTRUTEC (the International Exhibition of Building Materials, Techniques and Solutions), URBOTICA (Technological solutions for efficient management of cities, buildings and households) and MATELEC (the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronic Industry), which will maintain their own identity and space, will attract, on the one hand, the professional sectors acting as opinion leaders (engineering, industry, process automation, developers and builders, architecture, facility managers, public civil engineering and infrastructure officials, urbanism, tertiary sector, etc.), and, on the other hand, professionals specialising in each of the trade fairs (installers, integrators, distributors, workshops, carpenters, refurbishment and restoration companies, and so on). In the words of Raul Calleja "the transversality and innovative synergies among all of these sectors and trade fairs will be the key issue at this event".

Taking the floor at the press-conference, Luis Rodulfo spoke on the active growth of export in the field of construction industry in Spain. Thus, during 6 months of 2015 products export totals 12,806 bln euro, which is 8,23% more than in 2014 and 9,71% more than in 2013.

Synergies and interactions between the sectors represented by these four trade fairs, all of them strategic for the Spanish economy, make ePower&Building a commercial platform which contributes to reactivating the domestic Spanish market, and showcase the role of Spanish industry abroad, especially in the countries making up their export markets.