Who will build a fabulous gambling zone in Crimea?

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Who will build a fabulous gambling zone in Crimea?
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The head of the Crimean Republic, Sergey Aksenov, has told reporters in Simferopol that representatives of a gambling business, both in this country and abroad, will take part in this project.

However, Mr Aksenov didn’t specify the potential investors on account of the sanctions, since these entrepreneurs own businesses abroad. He added that the full information will soon be revealed by the investor himself, who will publicly present the project.

At present, a land plot in Yalta region is being considered. To remind you, before this the media published information that the inhabitants of Gaspra village had voted to use a 17-hectare land plot at Lastochkino Gnezdo from the village area to create a gambling zone.

Today the “Zhemchuzhina” sanatorium, which previously belonged to Ukraine, is located on this land plot. From  July 1st,  2009 gambling businesses were banned all over Russia, except for four special zones: near Vladivostok, in Altai, near Kaliningrad and on the Azov and the Caucasus Black Sea coasts.

Following the reunification of the Crimean Republic and the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill creating new gambling zones in Sochi and Crimea.