Details of the bridge collapse in Russian Primorye

Details of the bridge collapse in Russian Primorye
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On the 18th of March, investigators started a probe into the collapse of part of the bridge connecting the road between Yakonovka and Korsakovka villages. The incident took place early in the morning.

As was told by the press office of the Investigative Committee of Russia, it was established that the disaster was caused by erosion of the pole structure of the bridge due to heavy floodwater, as well as by the destruction of one of the poles by a big ice block.

Happily, there were no casualties. However, traffic is now prohibited in the area of the bridge.  The local prosecutor’s office has filed a suit on the relative department to restore the bridge as soon as possible.

A pre-investigation check is aimed at revealing probable violation of the “negligence” article of the Russian Criminal Code. Based on its results, the procedural decision will be made.