The Chinese are building “Golden City” in Magadan

The Chinese are building “Golden City” in Magadan
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In summer 2016, the Chinese will embark upon work at the construction site of the “Golden City” hotel complex. The area will include business offices, cafes, shops, a gymnasium, a sauna and a two-storey parking lot.

This information was provided on Tuesday to by the regional press office. According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of the construction will amount to 350m roubles. The object’s commissioning and the development of the adjacent territory is planned to take place until 2018.

Apart from the “Golden City” construction, the authorities of Magadan have proposed that the Chinese could erect a skiing complex, a rubbish recycling plant and a yacht club.

The Russian city of Magadan is very isolated and the nearest major city by road is Yakutsk. The principal sources of income for the economy of Magadan are gold mining and fisheries.