What novelty will be introduced for builders in Moscow?

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What novelty will be introduced for builders in Moscow?
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From the 1st of April, builders will be able to receive a service on the preparation, approval and changing of the urban development plan of a land plot exclusively on the web portal of public purchases.

This is what the Construction.ru was told by the press office of the Moscow Department for Urban Development.

“Since the beginning of the current year, 34% of all applications for this service were for online ones”, said the head of the Department, Sergey Levkin.

Additionally, according to him, the following target dates for the transfer of public services to the electronic format are looking promising:

– From the beginning of August, the service of coordinating special technical terms.

– In November, the issuing of a technical conclusion on documents’ compliance with the engineering network plan and the underground facilities provided in an electronic form.

– In December, submission of information from the united underground communications plan in Moscow.