A major Moscow shopping center caught fire

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A major Moscow shopping center caught fire
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On Friday, a ventilation duct in the "Evropeysky" shopping center, located on the square with Kievsky railway station, caught on fire.

Due to the incident, all visitors and personnel in the shopping center had to be urgently evacuated before the fire team arrived, reported the TASS news agency.

The emergency response group that arrived on the scene brought the fire under control. The conflagration area was 1 m2. There were no casualties.

At present, the cause of the fire is being established.

The "Evropeysky" shopping center, an unusual triangular building of 180 000 m², includes restaurants, saunas, health centers, a film theater, a skating rink and over 500 branded shops. Visitors from all over Moscow and other cites regularly visit this impressive mall.