IKEA office searched in Moscow

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IKEA office searched in Moscow
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On the 14th of April, operatives from the Unit of Combating Economic Crime searched the central office of the IKEA subsidiary in Russia, located in the “Khimki Business Park” business center on the Leningradskoye Highway.

The company's top management perceived what happened as part of a campaign aimed at the seizure of the land where the IKEA central office is located, the press office told Construction.ru.

This police search and the recent opening of a criminal investigation against IKEA, initiated by the “Khimki” company, are considered by the IKEA leadership as links in the same chain.

The law enforcement agencies have become the instrument of a corporate raider attack against IKEA, claimed a lawyer, Semen Shevchenko, who represents the IKEA company. At the same time, he said that IKEA will collaborate in the investigation.