Russian Defense Minister arrives on Frantz Josef Land

Russian Defense Minister arrives on Frantz Josef Land
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On the 18th of April, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, arrived on Alexandra Land, a large island located in the Frantz Josef Land Archipelago, to carry out an inspection.

The Minister intends to inspect personally the construction of a unique administrative and residential complex of a closed type, named “Arctic Trifolium”, the military body’s press office told

This 14,000 m2 building is being erected in the very north of Russia. Sergey Shoigu will check accommodation and combat duty performance conditions for the division staff of the Northern Fleet air defense force.

Franz Josef Land is inhabited only by Russian military base personnel and is located in the northernmost part of the Arkhangelsk region in Russia. The archipelago includes 191 islands with an area of 16,134 km2.