IKEA builds its own tunnel in Russia

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IKEA builds its own tunnel in Russia
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By 2018, the IKEA Company will have constructed a tunnel on the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road leading to the MEGA mall located in Tioply Stan. The project is estimated at 1.5 bln roubles.

This information was provided by the head of the New Territory Development Department, Vladimir Zhidkin, in an interview with the “Moskva” urban news agency.

According to Mr Zhidkin, he has already discussed this issue with the president of the IKEA Board of Directors, who arrived in Moscow from Sweden specifically for that purpose.

The tunnel is required for the further expansion of the IKEA complex by 200,000 m2 at the junction of the Moscow Ring Road and the Kaluga Highway. 100,000 m2 of this will be a parking lot for 5,000 cars. At present, the construction conditions are being agreed upon.

The main goal of the project design is to avoid causing traffic jams on the road. Vladimir Zhidkin suggested that the work on the construction site might be started in 2017 and completed in the end of 2018.