Russia to get first whisky plant for 13m euro

Russia to get first whisky plant for 13m euro
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The first Russian plant producing 5m litres of whisky per year is soon to be built in the Gusev district of the Kaliningrad region.

This project was approved at a session of the local Council for Investment Climate Improvement in the region. According to the estimates, the work at the construction site and the equipping of the unique enterprise will cost 13m euro.

When the project is put into operation, 35% of the country’s demand for this product will be met by the enterprise. Moreover, this will provide high export potential. Up to 200 jobs will be created at the enterprise.

The participation of foreign investors in the project hasn’t been ruled out.

The end product will be manufactured using traditional “Scotch” technology. The Kaliningrad regional governor, Nikolay Tsukanov, has already assigned an order for the rendering of assistance in the construction of the required infrastructure for the enterprise.