“Transneft” oil pipeline company buys out skyscraper in Moscow City

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“Transneft” oil pipeline company buys out skyscraper in Moscow City
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The Russian state-owned “Transneft” monopoly, which transport 90% of all oil produced in Russia, has concluded a deal on the purchase of the Evolution Tower skyscraper, located in the Moscow International Business Center, also known as Moscow City.

Evolution Tower was built by the Snegiri Development Company, owned by Alexander Chigirinskiy, in 2012-2015, the “Kommersant” newspaper reports.

“Transneft” employees might move into the skyscraper as early as in 2017, when the internal work is completed in the building.

According to the paper, at present the buyer has paid off about 80% of the tower’s cost, and 5% more will be transferred as soon as the finishing work is completed.

The experts assess the market value of the object at 250-300,000 roubles per 1 m2, and the entire Evolution Tower at 19.7 – 23,7 bln roubles, or $303-364 bln.

The total area of the building amounts to 154,000 m2, 79,000 m2 of which are occupied by offices. The rest is parking lots and shopping premises.