Automobile tourism to be developed in Russia

Automobile tourism to be developed in Russia
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The “Avtodor” state company and “Rosturism” have concluded an agreement to develop automobile tourism in Russia, the “Avtodor” press office told on Tuesday.

The company's representative noted that the head of “Avtodor”, Sergey Kelbakh, said that the growth of domestic automobile travel, which we have seen for the last 6 years, requires the creation and development of modern infrastructure for motorway services.

Cooperation with “Rostourism” will hasten this process and will allow for the delivery of the necessary information to a wide range of customers. In the European Union, the annual revenue from automobile tourism, with caravanning, amounts to 19 bln euro.

Russia could accept up to 5.5 m such tourists every year. At themoment, there are just 1,500 – 2,000 vehicles, which is why there is huge potential.