Chinese Zhuoda enters Russian construction market

Chinese Zhuoda enters Russian construction market
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On Wednesday, representatives of the Zhuoda Construction Ecological Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of the Zhuoda Investment Company, drove in a test pile at the opening ceremony of the construction site of a new residential area.

The project involves the demolition of ramshackle buildings and dilapidated housing and the subsequent construction of three residential areas comprised of 300 high-rise apartment buildings with a total area of 800,000 m2.

It also involves the construction of schools and nursery schools, as well as other social objects. The investment in this work, which is scheduled to last for 6 years, will amount to 40 bln roubles, according to the agreement reached between the Zhuoda Company and the local administration.

The Zhuoda Company is participating in a number of grand construction projects in China, Malaysia, Peru, France, UAE and Africa. The construction, in the city of Yakutia, is the company’s first project in Russia.