Large memorial to military motorcycle riders to be erected in Russia

Large memorial to military motorcycle riders to be erected in Russia
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Near the Russian city of Kaliningrad, on the spot of the former Dunaevka village, a memorial to military veteran motorcycle riders killed in the Second World War within the course of the East Prussian military operation against the Soviet army has been unveiled.

About 280 people attended the opening ceremony, a representative of the “Wheel of History” motorcyclist movement, Anna Bebneva, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Motorcycle riders from Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland took part together with bikers from Russia. Within the framework of the memorial’s opening ceremony, a historical reenactment of the battle between Soviet and German units was put on for the public near the village.

The Memorial was built at the private expense of the “Wheel of History” motorcycle club.

It consists of four stones. Memorial plates with inscription of the units which participated in the battle are mounted upon them.

As a reference, the East Prussian offensive operation by Soviet troops was carried out from the 13th of January to the 25th of April 1945. As a result, Eastern Prussia and a part of Poland were liberated from the Nazis.

Over 170 motorcycle riders, including 32-year old group commander Matvei Kupin, were killed during the operation.