Finns plan to build large plant producing dry mixes

Finns plan to build large plant producing dry mixes
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The Finnish company, Lahti Precision Oy, intends to build a large plant producing dry construction mixtures in Kabardino-Balkaria, a republic in southwestern Russia.

According to the Industry and Commerce Minister of the Republic, Zalim-Geri Gubashiev, the Finnish businessmen have examined a number of industrial enterprises in Kabardino-Balkaria to select the construction site for the projected facility. The delegation of the foreign investors was headed by the vice president of the company, Yarmo Sopanen.

As a result, a cooperation agreement has been signed by the Finnish company and the regional Industry and Commerce Ministry. The parties have also reached an agreement to carry out a range of work in the field of the construction design study.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the plant construction cost will total some millions of euros. As soon as the enterprise reaches full capacity, it will be capable of producing up to 10 tons of mixes per hour.

This will come in handy, since in the near future the construction of a new leach plant will be launched in the Republic, as well as a polyethylenterephtalate manufacturing plant with a capacity of 1.5m tons per year.