Investor builds poultry farm in Buryat Republic

Investor builds poultry farm in Buryat Republic
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The construction of a high-capacity poultry farm will be launched in the near future in the Buryat Republic. The project is estimated at 1 bln roubles.

The Republic’s authorities have already signed a deal with the investor and the agreement with the Monotown Development Fund is expected to be reached later, the regional press office told

The poultry farm construction, in the town of Selenginsk, starts in June or July. For the purpose of the project’s infrastructure development, about 1 bln roubles will be allocated from the budget.

The project involves the co-funding of the town’s infrastructure creation, i.e. a bridge, roads, electricity transmission lines, a water supply network and other objects. The funds allotted from the federal budget will amount to 881m roubles, 192.5m roubles from the regional budget and 5.2 from the municipal budget.