Kerch Bridge construction enters key stage

Kerch Bridge construction enters key stage
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The installation of submerged poles has started at the construction site of the Kerch Bridge in the waters of the Azov Sea, Russian TV channels reported on Tuesday.

The reporters indicated that on the western side of Tuzla Island the builders have begun to drive in the first piles intended for the poles of the road section of the crossing.

A special platform for a powerful 300-ton crane and other building equipment has been constructed there.

It should be mentioned that each pile of the Kerch Bridge has its own sensory device, allowing the builders to assess in real time the pole's load.

The structure is optimized for emergency incidents that might occur once in a hundred years. This 19 km bridge across the Kerch Strait will become the most lengthy in Russia. It will connect the Peninsula with the mainland by means of highways and railways.