Roofed bicycle track to be built in Sochi

Roofed bicycle track to be built in Sochi
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The Russian Ministry of Sports has planned the construction of its most advanced roofed bicycle track in the city of Sochi.

This is what the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yury Nagornykh, said on Monday in an interview with “R-Sports”. As it turned out, there is no roofed bicycle track in Russia that would comply with Olympic standards.

However, it’s first necessary to deal with the situation in other traditional areas of bicycle sports development, said Yury Nagornykh.

We should remind you that as early as 2013 the decision was made to reconstruct the “Aisberg” arena in Sochi, having converted it into a bicycle track.

Later, the authorities abandoned this idea in favour of the object’s exploitation for the purpose of winter sports.