POLYPLASTIC group organizes media tour to its plant in Klimovsk

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POLYPLASTIC group organizes media tour to its plant in Klimovsk
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On the 16th of June, POLYPLASTIC group, the largest manufacturer of polymer pipe systems, has organized a media tour in the town of Klimovsk to the company’s production facility, located in the Moscow region.

This plant is one of the major suppliers of materials for the reconstruction of central streets of the capital city.

As our special correspondent, Maria Goncharova, reported from the ground, within the framework of the event, the company’s representatives told about realization of a large-scale Moscow development project, “My Street”: achievements and troubles in its implementation.

Innovative solutions have been used in the program, and the polymer cable pits among them. Exploitation of these materials releases Moscow from hanging wires, which will be removed underground.

Polymer systems are produced for such purposes and pass a quality inspection at the pipe plant in Klimovsk – the flagman of POLYPLASTIC group.

It’s worth mentioning that this unique innovation has been developed in the enterprise’s research institute specially for this project.