France and Russia sign agreements on cooperation in construction, housing and utilities

France and Russia sign agreements on cooperation in construction, housing and utilities
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On the 24th of June, during the official visit of the delegation of the Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry of Russia to France, agreements on cooperation in the field of residential sector and housing construction have been signed between two countries.

Head of the Russian Construction Ministry, Mikhail Menn, and the Housing Minister of France, Emmanuelle Cosse, have signed a memorandum on cooperation between two governmental bodies in these sectors of economy, the press office of the Construction Ministry of Russia told Construction.RU on Friday.

According to the memorandum, the parties will promote realization of joint projects between research and scientific, as well as education institutions, experience exchange in the area of technical regulation, analysis of structural and economic barriers, impeding the development of the construction, housing and utility sector.

For the purpose of implementation of these tasks, the parties will interact within the special working group of the Russian-French Council on Economic, Finantial, Industrial and Trade Issues.

Moreover, Mikhail Menn and Emmanuelle Cosse have signed an agreement on Russia’s participation in the Day of Buildings. The matter concerns the Global alliance of buildings and constructions, established in Paris in 2015. The Alliance unites countries, state and private companies with the purpose to attract innovations in the construction.

Besides that, the Ministers have also signed a Memorandum between the National Union of Construction Materials Producers, Russia, and the Association of Construction Materials Industry, France.