Russian Construction Ministry reveals plans to cooperate with ОECD

Russian Construction Ministry reveals plans to cooperate with ОECD
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Recommendations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (ОECD) will be taken in consideration when implementing housing policy in Russia, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia, Mikhail Menn, told Construction.RU on Monday following his visit to France.

According to the Minister, it’s crucial to change the approach to available and comfortable housing by offering to the citizens viable and balanced options, including the development and infrastructure.

“In this field, the international experience is crucial for us, we will be gradually implementing ОECD standards in our work, taking into account not just quantitative characteristics in housing policy, but qualitative ones as well”, - he said.

We should remind that on the 24th of June, delegation of the Russian Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry held a meeting with the ОECD leadership as regards the housing and construction policymaking in Russia, reviewed an experience of the housing demand stimulation, attracting of investments and development of the rental housing market.

The issues of the role of the state and the development institutions when implementing the housing policy, as well as reducing of administrative barriers were mentioned separately.

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ОECD is the large international organization, consisting of 35 countries, which accepts the principles of democracy and free market. It was established in 1948. ОECD conducts an extensive analytical work, develops recommendations for its members and serves as a platform for organization of multilateral negotiations on economic issues.