Large solid waste landfill to be built in Tula

Large solid waste landfill to be built in Tula
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Urban Construction and Land Council of the Russian city of Tula has approved the construction of a solid waste landfill, which is planned to be located at Novomoskovskoye highway.

As the local press report, the new landfill will be erected in compliance with all ecological norms and regulations.

Over the course of the coming 16 years, the wastes from Tula, the Leningrad district and Schekino will be brought there. The project has already been approved by the Ecology Commission.

According to the plan, waste treatment facilities will be built at the landfill. The object with an area of 28 hectares will be erected near the existing disposal field. The landfill is designed to bury 360,000 tons of wastes. Its lifespan is 16 years.