Why US builders have the second highest suicide rate

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Why US builders have the second highest suicide rate
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Profession of a builder ranks the second among the people prone to commit suicide, says the report published by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The scientists have examined 12,000 cases of suicides, which have been committed in 17 States of the USA since 2012.

After that, they separated the data into professional groups.

As it turned out, the highest suicide rate accounts for the agriculture and fishing industry (84,5 per 100,000 persons), in the construction (53,3) and in technical service and repairs (47,9).

Architects and engineers rank the fifth (32,2 cases per 100 000 persons). They are followed by security guards (30,5 cases per 100 000).

In the researchers’ opinion, the determining factors are the limited access to health care and the stressful working conditions.