Why are flights delayed in Moscow?

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Why are flights delayed in Moscow?
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Today, more than 20 flights in all airports of Moscow have been delayed because of the strong wind, thunderstorm and rain. The orange level of danger has been announced in the Russian capital.

In particular, in Domodedovo, according to electronic displays, 11 flights have delayed, and 4 cancelled. 6 flights cannot take off from Vnukovo. 2 flights have been delayed in Sheremetievo, and 1 cancelled. The situation is being changed constantly, so the more exact information may be received at airports. To remind you, meteorologists have announced the orange level of danger in Moscow for today.  

Strong wind up to 17 meters per second is being expected. Pedestrians are warned not to leave their homes in Moscow and the Moscow region by emergency services. And, on going out, they should be very careful and not come close to the roads.