The Irkutsk region Governor’s son accused of tax evasion

The Irkutsk region Governor’s son accused of tax evasion
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Director General of “Stalkonstruktsia” Ltd., Andrei Levchenko, was officially accused of grand tax evasion and delays in salary payments.

The press-office the RF Investigative Committee told “Construction.RU” about it today. They also reminded that the defendant is the Irkutsk region acting Governor’s son.

The criminal case was initiated according to the data of the local compliance and police in October, 2015. It was established that in 2011 and in 2014 the accounting records of the organization included trading with a fly-by-night company for fulfilling contract work.

And VAT unduely subtractions were claimed in report documents. Thus, tax shortfall achieved 12m roubles.  

Besides, from August, 2014 to May, 2015, being aware of the organization’s debt of backdated wages for 21 workers totaling about 1m robles continued not repaying it. 

Now the criminal case against Andrei Levchenko will be submitted to trial for consideration. He is liable to a fine of 300,000 roubles and deprivation of freedom for the term up to three years.