Head of “Stroyinvestengineering SU-848” taken to court

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Head of “Stroyinvestengineering SU-848” taken to court
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Director General of “Stroyinvestengineering SU-848”, Sergei Popelniukhov, will be taken to court for the fraud of 1.1 bln roubles.   

The press-office of the General Prosecutor’s Office has told “Construction.RU” about it. They  specified that the money had been allotted to the company for the construction of the AK-103 plants in Venezuela.

According to the investigators,  the work on the construction sites of the enterprises were not completed, and the money was transferred to the accounts of the companies, regulated by the ex-senator of the Belgorod region.

Sergei Popelniukhov is 46. He has been in charge since May 12th.  

According to cultivation materials by Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) Popelniukhov is accused of grand fraud.