Architect from Southern Europe detained in Moscow

Architect from Southern Europe detained in Moscow
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On the 19th of July, Moscow police detained a 59 year old architect from one of the Southern European countries on suspicion of a fraud in amount of 3,5 m roubles.

The suspect was detained by the police of the Danilovsky District of Moscow, at 5:30 p.m at a railway station in the Moscow regional city of Krasnogorsk, the police department’s press office told Construction.RU on Thursday.

At first, a man contacted the police and submitted an application over the fraud. As it turned out, earlier, he made a verbal agreement with an architect, who previously had worked at his enterprise, on production and supply of furniture and sanitary fitments from abroad.

The architect received a sum in amount of 49,500 euro, however failed to perform the terms of the contract.    

A criminal case has been initiated under the 159 Article (Fraud) of Russian Criminal Code.