Rosatom to build Russia’s first wind farms

Rosatom to build Russia’s first wind farms
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Rosatom State Energy Corporation intends to launch Russia’s first wind-driven electric power stations by 2024, the press office of Rosatom International Network announced on Friday.

New generating capacities with a total volume of 610 MW will emerge in the Republic of Adygea, in the Rostov, the Krasnodar and the Stavropol regions.

“In the next four years we will build 610 MW of wind-driven electric power stations in power-hungry regions rich in wind potential. Mostly it concerns the country’s south”, - said Head of Integrated Thermal Power Company (OTEK), Anna Naimushina.

According to her, this accounts for approximately 17% of the overall wind power capacity scheduled to be put into operation in Russia until 2024.

Rosatom intends to rapidly develop the wind power projects in Russia. The state corporation also admits entering the international market with a package proposal for wind farms construction abroad.

The equipment for the wind-driven electric power stations is planned to be manufactured at Russian enterprises.