New details of grand fraud of ex-head of “Mostovik” RDC

New details of grand fraud of ex-head of “Mostovik” RDC
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The investigation of the criminal case against ex-head of the “Mostovik” LLC research and development company who is blamed of grand fraud and tax evasion.

As Construction. RU has been told today by the press-office of the regional investigation committee, in 2009-2011 Oleg Shishov included deliberate misrepresentations about construction in Vladivosok, Omsk, Tiumen, Tobolsk, Sochi, the Astrakhan and the Moscow regions in the financial documents of the “Mostovik” LLC and tax bills. Among these is the construction of the bridge to the Russkiy Island within the framework of preparation for the CEO Summit, the construction of oceanarium in Primoriye, etc.

Shishov bilked the value-added tax payment totaling 478m roubles. Besides, he appropriated the adnance payment totaling 526m roubles for the construction of the Omsk ring road. Actually, the work was not started, materials were not bought, and the money was spent for paying back credits of the “Mostovik” LLC.

The criminal case materials are sent for indictment confirmation and direction to court.