Natural grass ball park to be built at “Luzhniki” stadium

Natural grass ball park to be built at “Luzhniki” stadium
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Sowing of the natural grass ball park has started at the “Luzhniki” Grand Sports Arena, it is equipped with modern drainage and heating systems.

As Construction.RU has been told by the press office of the Moscow Construction Department, the multilayer “pie” of heating, drainage and aeration systems has already been formed on the football field. 35 km of tubes have been laid there. The watering system consists of 35 conveying channels, 6 tanks of 8,000 liters each have been installed.

Sowing the natural ball park will take one day, 410 kg of seeds will be sowed. In 3 weeks grass will be 3-4 cm high. In September the work for ball park reinforcement will be carried out.

The reconstructed football field of the “Luzhniki” GSA will function all year round.