Over 2m residents of Beijing to be resettled by 2020

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Over 2m residents of Beijing to be resettled by 2020
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The authorities of Beijing are implementing a plan directed to the reduction of a population size in the densely populated capital city of China, Interfax reports on Thursday.

A number of Beijing’s residents has gone up to nearly 22m people over the course of the last decade. The growth amounted to 6m people. Approximately, 13m people dwell in central districts of the town.

Such vigorous growth caused many troubles, including air pollution, irregular water supply and roads congestion. Thus, an average duration of peak hours in Beijing, where 5,62m cars are registered, was 3 hours in year 2015, compared to 2 hours in 2014.

In order to settle this issue, the city authorities elaborated a plan with a purpose to resettle over 2m residents from Beijing.

In particular, Beijing administration set a task to close all wholesale markets located inside the forth ring road, to move about many enterprises from the capital city to the neighboring provinces.